Loreto II and Pembroke II lead division two charge

Women’s Leinster Division Two
Loreto II and Pembroke II picked up their third wins of the season to establish themselves as the front runners in the early stages of the season with 2-0 results

The former saw off Trinity II in Wesley with a goal in each half. The Trinity side were very up for the game but failed to hold off Loreto’s attack in the first half with the first goal coming from a short corner.

The ball was struck nicely from the left by Niamh Smith for a deflection on the penalty spot by Laura Pomphrett. The rest of the first half was tense, end-to-end play with a very strong performance by Zoe Ennis at right back.

In the second half, Carly Baker was a lively presence up front while, in opposition, Trinity did penetrate Loreto’s circle a couple of times with Ruth Murphy pulling off a great save from high on her pads.

But the second goal clinched the game. It came from a run by Baker into the circle from the right with a great shot deflected nicely by Aideen Mc Guinness.

Pembroke, meanwhile, inflicted a first setback of the season on Genesis. The visitors to Serpentine Avenue were indebted to an excellent defensive display from Evonne O’Farrell to keep her side in the game.

The hosts, however, did go ahead after 20 minutes when Anna O’Grady drove along the back line and passed to an unmarked Lizzie de Araugo who finished off.

The second half saw Genesis lift the pace and turnover more for a series of counter attacks as both teams had strong chances to score. With 10 minutes to go, though, O’Farrell and goalkeeper Sorcha Cunningham collided, leaving the latter with concussion.

In the latter phases, Pembroke made the game safe with a goal from Emma Keilthy after Claire Foley rounded the keeper, completing the 2-0 win.

Three Rock Ladies picked up their second win from three outings with Meabh Holden netting her second of the season while Grace O’Malley scored her first goal in three years as they saw off Hermes II 2-1.

UCD II got off the mark with a 1-0 win over Old Alex II. Muckross, meanwhile, return to league action on Thursday evening with a refix against Hermes II in Teresians. Next Saturday is a free weekend for division two.

Results: Pembroke II 2 (Lizzie De Araugo, Emma Kielthy) Genesis 0; Three Rock Ladies 2 (Meabh Holden, Grace O’Malley) Hermes II 1); Trinity II 0 Loreto II 2 (Laura Pomphrett, Aideen McGuinness); UCD II 1 Old Alex II 0

Women's Leinster Senior Div 2