Genesis TY project to be taken on by Council

During the season, students Chloe Hamill and Emily O’Connor put together a Genesis Hockey Club Transition Year project, the purpose of which was to give youth members an insight into the club’s history.

In a period of four months, the pair collected data on the history of the club. This required a visit to the National Archive, searches in Irish Times issues going back to 1976, interviewing founding members and wading through piles of documents, newspaper cuttings and photographs.

To find out more about the bigger picture of hockey, they visited the Regional Development Officer Lucas Piccioli in the Irish Hockey Office while to get an idea of hockey and sport in the media they visited RTE where they met with Roy Willoughby and Sunday Game host Des Cahill. This visit was organised by Kathy Parke, who in the past was a presenter of “Let’s Go”.

Part two of the project focused on what the junior section likes best about the club and what the youth players expect from the senior club.

A survey was conducted for this purpose and the results were professionally analysed. The girls’ project will contribute greatly to the way Genesis will integrate young people into the senior club.

The project was subsequently presented to a packed room of club members in UCD before being been passed on to the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council’s sports partnership who have looked on the idea favourably and have since expressed interest in promoting the idea to other clubs and sports in the borough.

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