News in brief: Sticks for Africa

** African Schools Sports Aid (ASSA) have linked up with Gilmour Sports in their efforts to send a container load of sports equipment to Africa at the end of September.

ASSA was established in 2007, by Irish resident Patrick Maphoso, a native of South Africa. ASSA, sponsors African schools, and is providing sporting gear for children in need, which allows them to participate in School Tournaments. Gilmour sports shop in Ballyogan is the drop-off point for any used hockey sticks, sports gear, football boots and anything else sports related. To find out more about the charity, go to

** The Hook has set up a new Facebook page and Twitter account in time for the upcoming hockey season where up-to-the-minute score updates and links to extra hockey material available on the internet will be posted

When Leinster division one and two matches get underway, The Hook will endeavour to post the results as they arrive to my phone while you can feel free to post links to your club’s Facebook page and promote fundraising events, preseason tournaments and everything else in between.

To “Like” the page, click here or hit the Facebook button on the top right of this page. To follow The Hook on Twitter, go to @hookhockey.

** The women’s World Cup is now in full flow in Rosario, Argentina. To follow every game live, click here to see Laola’s excellent coverage or else catch up with all the games gone by in this tournament and the men’s Champion’s Challenge earlier this month.

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