Passmore steps down

Dave Passmore stepped down as the Irish men’s senior coach last Friday but will remain on in a more focussed role as the High Performance Director in an effort “to optimise the performance of all Irish National Hockey Teams”.

Speaking about the move, IHA chief executive Angus Kirkland said “We have high ambitions for all our national teams; the splitting of these two roles is a very positive step in recognising that to achieve our goals high performance requires a full time director and the men’s national team requires a full time coach.”

“We are delighted Dave Passmore has chosen the full time position of High Performance Director, he is very well placed for this and his experience will help ensure the national coaches have a constant pipeline of talent at their disposal as they plan for 2012 and beyond.”

Passmore, who has held the dual role for two years, says he will miss the coaching side of the post but is looking forward to his new role. “If we are to be successful in achieving our ambitions for the international teams moving forward it is essential that I concentrate on putting in place the structures and processes to achieve these goals in my contracted position as High Performance Director.

“It has been difficult to break away from coaching as this is my passion, but fulfilling the two roles to full effect is not possible. I look forward to working with the new national coach to ensure this squad reaches it’s full potential. It is a young group with the perfect age profile to be successful in 2010 and 2012.”

This change in structure means the IHA is seeking a new man for the top coaching job in the country. Details are available on Until the new appointment is made Dave Passmore will continue in his dual capacity with ongoing support from Craig Fulton and the existing management team.

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