The Hooks: Overall Club of the Year

For this honour, I felt there was only one real club in the running. Monkstown have produced some great youth teams again this year and their supporter’s club were fantastic but for developing the game while receiving results, Glenanne stood head and shoulder above everybody else.

In simple terms, the club won European, All-Ireland and Leinster honours. But the major success of the Tallaght club comes from the community and development initiatives the club puts in place. Given that the club has no direct feeder schools, unlike any of the major clubs, to keep producing top players down the club has been down to the club’s efforts to get players. This season, club members worked extensively to promote the game in Tallaght schools, bringing in outside internationals to help out.

Their European adventure showed what club’s can do with positive thinking with enough funds being raised to see over 100 fans make the trip to France and outsinging the locals.

Furthermore, the club was always prominent at putting forward candidates to take part in Youth Leadership programmes as well as producing some of the countries best umpires, all of which benefits not just the local club but Irish hockey in general.

Winner: Glenanne

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