Masters hockey

The Irish Masters over 40’s and over 50’s will play in Edinburgh on the weekend of August 29-30, in an annual quadrangular event. The tournament involves matches against Scotland, Wales and England and the team is looking to recruit players from Leinster as previous years have seen travelling teams predominently made up of Ulster players.

However, such luminaries as Liam Canning, Ger Burns, Nigel Kingston and Pete Agnew at 40s’ level and Eddie O’Malley and Stuart Walker at 50’s, have played for the squads in the recent past.

Ideally, what the team is looking for is players in their early 40’s or early 50’s that have played hockey to either provincial or international standard. However, this is not a prerquisite, rather a guideline and if you feel your a late developer please feel free to contact Frank Byrne.

This tournament is both highly competitive and demanding and not for the faint hearted. It is, however, an extremely enjoyable weekend playing with and against a high calibre of players.

If you are interested, contact Frank Byrne within the next 2 weeks: email:, Phone: +353 (01) 219 4244, mob: +353 (87)8207078

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