Geoff Conn part of EHF's UDP

This week, the EHF announced the umpires for their Umpire Development Programme 2008/2010, with Geoff Conn among ‘Group 1’.

Umpires Committee Chairman, Jorge Alcover said, “Year one has been a huge success with the umpires well on their way to achieving the Grade 1 target. The commitment of this group has been a fantastic launch pad and we were delighted to receive more than 28 applications for the 2008/2010 Programme.

“Once again we are fortunate to have the mentors Margaret Hunnaball, Ermanno Silvano and Ray O’Connor to continue giving of their free time to Group 1 and in addition Louise Knipe, Philip Schellekens and Henrik Ehlers have volunteered to act as mentors for the Group 2 umpires.”

So far more than €20,000 has been invested by the EHF and participating Member Associations in the first group of umpires, an essential investment in ensuring that European umpiring and umpires are keeping pace with the ever increasing development and ability of the players.

Jorge also “wished the first group of umpires well for their continuing development and welcomed the second group to this dedicated programme for the continuing development of quality umpires in Europe.”

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