Mens Under 21 Interpros

The Leinster under 21 squad has reported a full bill of health ahead of their interprovincial tournament this weekend with Stu Loughrey available to play despite few stitches. To see the full squad, click here.

The tournament is expected to be a high quality one, with Leinster having three full internationals in the squad while Ulster draw a large contingent from Ulster’s top three sides: Cookstown, Banbridge and Annadale.

Munster include Lisnagarvey player Jason Lynch as well as former Kilkenny player Eddie Dore and another of the Hobbs clan, Dan.

For more details on the whole tournament, click here

Ulster: Alex McRoberts (Mossley), Christopher Boyce (Grange), Colin Donaldson (Cookstown), Neil Hamilton (Annadale), Jonny Bell (Lisnagarvey), Simon Todd (Mossley), David Ames (Cookstown), Dearmaid Rea (Banbridge), Bruce McCandless (Banbridge), Dane Ward (Banbridge), Peter Caruth (Annadale), Frazer Mills (Annadale), Andy Coulter (Mossley), Mark Moreland (Mossley), David Best (Cookstown), Stephen Forbes (Banbridge), Aaron Appleton (Banbridge)

Munster: Harry Fleming, Stuart O’Grady, David Harvey, Dan Hobbs, Lee Dalton, Roger Gray, Andrew Daunt, Paul O’Leary, Stephen Sweetnam, John Bruton, Jason Lynch, Darren Farrell, Adam Pritchard, David Mills, Eddie Dore, Davy Herbert

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