EHF Club awards

The EHF has launched a new programme to honour clubs that are doing great work to promote the “Hockey Family” in Europe. For me, though, there is quite a few points on the list of criteria below that clubs can take on board and develop upon.

Recently, the IHA has started running a number of volunteer workshops about how you can benefit your club. These kinds of things can really help boost the amount of kids that play hockey AND keep them in the clubs.

Take a look at the list below. Oh, and of course if you think your club is doing great work, nominate them!

The EHF is running a club award programme to find and honour some of the best club’s in Europe. The criteria that it will base this on are:
Good player membership growth in 2007
Quality training programmes for youth and senior training.
Regular training for club coaches/umpires to ensure knowledge is up to date
Regular competition for all levels of hockey
Strong links with schools/other organisations to encourage young players into clubs
How they value volunteers
Plans for the future – a 2/3 year development plan

Further, non-essential but beneficial criteria are:
The club stages festivals for youth/senior/veterans
The club has sustained/grown hockey despite poor facilities and resources
The club has done something “special” for hockey in the area.
The club has promoted itself to the wider community.

Clubs can put themselves forward to be nominated for these awards via the Application form on

Winners will be known in February/March.

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