Leinster Hockey to run two club fundraising masterclasses

Following the recent Roadshows around the province, Leinster Hockey have been going through the feedback received from clubs.  One area that stands out was the lack of awareness within clubs about how to access Government funds via the Sports Capital Grant which can be used not just for big ticket items like pitch replacement but also for 

  • new/replacement goals
  • goal keeping equipment
  • coaching equipment 
  • pitch fencing

In his presentation, Trevor Watkins advised clubs that in the last round of Sports Capital Grant funding hockey received €41k from a total of €8.5 million. When asked, club representatives had reservations about applying for grants for a number of different reasons including

  • The club received a grant before, we can’t apply again
  • The application process is complicated
  • Hockey never gets anything, why should we bother

The LHA Board believes that every club in Leinster should be applying for both central and local grants at every opportunity.
Similarly, many clubs confirmed that the bulk of income they receive is from their members fees with Committee’s running some fundraising events for specific items. 

Fundraising is a key element of the finance model for sporting bodies.  Sports clubs benefit from the generosity of volunteers and supporters but many have not reached their potential when it comes to raising funds philanthropically.  To address the above, the LHA Board has engaged the services of 2into3 to run two Masterclasses on

  • Sports Capital Grant (22nd August); This Masterclass will assist and inform clubs regarding both the Capital & Equipment Grants offered by the Government and those given by Local Sports Partnerships throughout the province. [The Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport will soon announce the remaining allocations for the 2018 round of Sports Capital & Equipment Grants and the Government has allocated €40million for 2019.  It is expected that the new round will be opened to clubs in October/November]
  • Fundraising Strategy (09th September):  Focusing on the fundraising landscape this Masterclass will lead clubs through the process of developing a fundraising strategy and give practical key steps to get your club ready to fund raise.  This collaboration will encourage more of our clubs to diversity existing funding models while also developing capacity to fund raise effectively.

The cost per person (per Masterclass) is €50.00 which is being subsidised by the Leinster Hockey Association.  Places are limited so we are urging clubs to book early.  To book on one/both of these Masterclasses – Click Here 

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