Trinity Hockey’s show of support for LGBT community

Trinity and Queen’s University LHC are hoping to raise awareness that hockey is a welcoming sport for the LGBT community with a pre-match initiative next Saturday ahead of their EYHL2 game.

Trinity are encouraging clubs to join and post their signs of support

The idea is a simple one with the two captains will hold a sign up stating: “Trinity Hockey stands with LGBT” and post a picture to social media. The hope is that more clubs will come on board and replicate the signs at their club games around the island.

“Doing nothing doesn’t really show you are a welcoming sport and so this is a small initiative to show hockey is a sport where everyone can fit in,” Trinity coach Brian Scully said of the genesis of the idea.

“The former Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas said recently he was still getting abuse here and there around Cardiff. It got us thinking, have we actually done anything to help?

“All we are trying to do is say we are welcoming to the LGBT community with a simple sign and we would love to see if other teams and clubs would like to do the same. The more clubs, the more we can show our solidarity.”

Trinity will play Queen’s at 12.30pm in Santry Avenue on Saturday.

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