ALD Merrion Fleet continue their sponsorship at Rathdown

Rathdown School have announced that ALD Merrion Fleet have agreed to continue their sponsorship of the ALD Merrion Fleet Arena.

The water-based hockey arena has been sponsored to date by independent fleet management company Merrion Fleet.

ALD Merrion Fleet announced their renewed sponsorship of the Rathdown arena

Now known as ALD Merrion Fleet following the recent acquisition of Merrion Fleet by ALD Automotive, Rathdown is delighted to announce the continuation of the partnership and sponsorship of the hockey arena by ALD Merrion Fleet Management.

David Wilkinson, Commercial Director at ALD Merrion Fleet Management said: “We are delighted to support the girls of Rathdown School to participate and excel in hockey.

“Following the recent successes of the Irish women’s hockey team at the World Cup; we are delighted to extend our positive partnership and support of the development of sport at Rathdown School.

“This is an exciting time in women’s sport and as part of our commitment to promoting the benefits of sport and physical education for young people in our local community we are keen to continue our sponsorship of the ALD Merrion Fleet Arena”.

In the school’s press release confirming the continued support, they say: “Rathdown has a long tradition of sporting success and is committed to promoting the importance of physical education for young girls of all ages, while encouraging them to develop a sport for life.

“A combination of top quality facilities and coaching will support Rathdown School’s aim to produce the next Irish hockey star.”

Sarah Scott, head of hockey at Rathdown, added: “Building on the success of both our senior and junior hockey teams in recent years, we are confident that this sponsorship will support the continued development and growth of hockey at Rathdown to the highest possible level.

“It will ensure that the girls continue to have access to world-class hockey facilities which encourage participation on a regular basis, ensuring students have the opportunity to reach their full potential and ultimately to develop a sport for life.”

Brian Moore, Head of School noted: “As recently highlighted by the new 20×20 campaign, 50% of the global population is female yet only 0.4% of global sponsorship spend is directed towards women’s sport.

“We are delighted that ALD Merrion Fleet Management are continuing to support women’s hockey in Ireland and through their sponsorship we will help Rathdown girls develop skills and a passion for hockey from beginners up to the highest level of performance.”

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