Leinster Under-18 and 16 boys sides confirmed for interpros

The Leinster Under-18 and 16 boys sides have been named for their upcoming interprovincial tournaments which will take place in Munster from September 15 to 17.

Josh Greaney is back for a second Leinster U-18 campaign. Pic: Adrian Boehm

Emmett Hughes has taken on the coaching role with the Under-16s and he has Irish underage internationals Ben Whelan and Craig Mackay back for a second season with the side along with Ben Ryder and Callum Hewat.

From last year’s vintage, a half dozen players have moved up the age grades with Ross Clarke, Adam Walker, James Maginnis, Sam Walker, Evan Jennings and Ryan Spencer all making the leap.

They join a side coached once again by Simon Lowry and will be captained by Mark Duggan. He will be joined in the side by a quartet of returnees, John Greaney, Riley Marchant, Harry Lynch and Cian Murphy

Leinster Under-16: Rhys Armah-Kwantreng (Monkstown/St Andrews College), Tim Cope (Kilkenny/Kilkenny College), Rex Dunlop (Three Rock Rovers/The King’s Hospital), Adam Galbraith (Three Rock Rovers/Wesley College), Rory Govan (Portrane/The King’s Hospital), Callum Hewat (Monkstown/St Andrews), Mathew Johnson (GK, Monkstown/St Andrews), Theo Kohlmann (Monkstown/St Andrews), Craig Mackay (Corinthian/Wesley College), Ben McTiernan (St Kilians), Oran O’Sullivan (Avoca/Newpark), Alex O’Meara (Pembroke/Blackrock College), Ben Ryder (Three Rock Rovers/Wesley College), Ben Stewart (YMCA/Wesley College), Henry Thompson (Pembroke Wanderers/The Kings Hospital), Conor Walsh (Corinthian/Wesley College), Daniel Wann (Monkstown/St Andrews College), Ben Whelan (GK, Three Rock Rovers/The High School)

Head Coach: Emmett Hughes
Manager: Zack Waters
Asst Coach: John Pearson

Leinster Under-18 squad: Calum Adair (Three Rock Rovers/High School), Ross Clarke (GK, Monkstown/CBC Monkstown), Mark Duggan (Captain, Clontarf/Mount Temple), Gavin Gleeson (Monkstown/St Andrew’s College), Joshua Greaney (Corinthian/Wesley College), Ross Howard (Corinthian/The High School), Evan Jennings (Three Rock Rovers/The High School), Roan Kennedy (GK, Monkstown/St Andrew’s College), Harry Lynch (Three Rock Rovers/The High School), James Maginnis (Pembroke Wanderers/The King’s Hospital), Riley Marchant (Monkstown/St Andrew’s College), Cian Murphy (Pembroke Wanderers/St Andrew’s College), Jamie Pullen (Three Rock Rovers/St Andrew’s College), Evan Rankin (Avoca/Newpark), Ryan Spencer (Monkstown/St Andrew’s College), Matthew Sweetnam (Three Rock Rovers/The King’s Hospital), Adam Walker (Three Rock Rovers/Wesley College), Sam Walker (Three Rock Rovers/St Andrew’s College),

Head Coach: Simon Lowry
Manager: Ruth McDonagh
Asst Coaches: David Cole, Ashley Harrison
GK Coach: Brian Cleary
Physio: Ben Melvin

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