Grand Masters squads jet out to Barcelona World Cup

Three Irish Grand Masters men’s Squads are off to the World Cup in Barcelona next week with two Over-60s panels and one Over-65s involved.

Ian O’Keeffe is one of the key players

The Over 60s World Cup squad, captained by Keith Jess, have a tough opener against Germany, but everyone is well prepared and ready for the challenge. Pembroke Wanderers’ Richard Clarke will lead the attack and Avoca’s ex-international Ian O’Keeffe will control the midfield.

The Tournament Trophy 60s Squad, captained by the charismatic Brendan Rice, is very strong and hope to do well in their first tournament together, but again Germany is a very tough start. Both 60s Squads are coached by the meticulous Denis Pritchard.

The Over 65s squad, under the experienced Coach Dwyne Hill, is captained by Frank Nawn and whilst they have the Dutch in their first game, they have a very busy midfield of Ramy Parker, Mick Jordan and Bill Sedgewick.

Ireland Grand Masters
Over 65s World Cup Squad: Crawford McKee (GK), Donald Fetherston, Stuart Switzer, John Keppel, Paul Tynan, Raymond Parker, Mick Jordan, Frank Nawn (Captain), Willie Sedgewick, Tom Carney, Maurice Martin, Joe Dunne, Tim Chillingworth, Brian Chadwick, Graham Chisholm, Cormac Kilty

Coach: Dwyne Hill
Manager: Crawford McKee
Physio: John Phelan

Pool match schedule
Thursday 21st June: Ireland O65 v Netherlands O65, 2.30pm
Saturday 23rd June: Ireland O65 v Japan O65, 12.30pm
Sunday 24th June: Ireland O65 v France O65, 11am
Tuesday 26th June: Ireland O65 v Spain O65, 9.30am

Over 60s World Cup squad: Tim Hogg (GK), Declan Ryan (GK), Alan Smith, Sean Curran, Eddie O’Malley, Keith Jess (Captain), David Hull, Billy Pollock, Stuart Egner, Alan Wheeler, Robert Haughton, Ian O’Keeffe, Richard Clarke, Martyn Cremin, George Blackwood, Andy Matthews, Roger West, Tim Myers

Coach: Denis Pritchard
Manager: Peter Chadwick
Physio: John Phelan

Pool match schedule
Thursday 21st June: Ireland O60 v Germany O60, 9.30am
Friday 22nd June: Ireland O60 v Singapore O60, 12.30pm
Sunday 24th June: Ireland O60 v Spain O60, 2.15pm

Over 60s Tournament Trophy squad: Nicky Jermyn, David Williamson (GK), David Woods, Peter Chadwick, Fergus Stapleton, Harrold de Jong, Mick Ryan, Henry Brown, Sean Patrick Brett, Brendan Rice (Captain), Tom Gelletlie, Charlie Taylor, Billy Dowie, Declan Goulding, David Kiernan (GK), Jolyon Miles

Coach: Denis Pritchard
Manager: Sean Curran
Physio: John Phelan

Pool match schedule
Thursday 21st June: Ireland O60 v Germany O60, 8pm
Saturday 23rd June: Ireland O60 v Scottish Thistles O60, 10.45am
Monday 25th June: Ireland O60 v Sixberians O60, 9am
Tuesday 26th June: Ireland O60 v Southern Cross O60, 5.45pm

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