Inspirational Roots Go Deep book launches in Galway

Brenda Flannery’s “Roots Go Deep” book formally launched last week in Galway at the Jes school which first provided its inspiration.

In March 2017, Flannery – an Irish international – was collating messages of support for the Colaiste Iognaid (the Jes) senior team where she was on the coaching team as they prepared for their Palmer Cup final in 2017.

Brenda Flannery with decorated Connacht-based coach Richie Malone with the Roots Go Deep book

It started with messages of support from the Jes alumni, helping inspire the team to the title but would go on to form the genesis of the book that now features over 280 contributions, offering insight and inspiration from a vast arrary of sports and well-being experiences.

“As the book unfolds, resonant themes at the roots of it all with any team, at any level, come to light to be teamwork, friendship, commitment, balance, focus and fun,” Flannery explains.

“The messages in the book are full of words of wisdom to keep empowering ourselves in sports and well-being, nourishing mental and physical health, and to enjoy individual development and a team environment.”

The book starts off with a Jes focus but soon develops into a compendium of motivational messages from the hockey world and the wider Irish sporting world – both Irish and beyond – with the likes of Gonzalo Peillat, Kayla Whitelock and Selin Oruz offering their insight alongside Olive Loughnane, Paul O’Donovan and Joe Canning.

Chapter eight focuses on contributions from the well-being community, something close to Brenda’s heart following her own journey of mental health recovery (which she honestly and candidly documents on the book’s website).

The compilation is illustrated by Brenda’s own drawings and photography as well as Adrian Boehm and the Irish Hockey Photographer’s pictures, making for a beautifully presented publication.

The book costs €25, including postage. It’s available online and in store in Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop in Galway.

All proceeds will go towards the costs to produce the book, Jes school hockey and hockey development in Connacht.

The production of the book has been funded so far by ‘Beo & Be’ Mindfulness & Qi Gong classes that Brenda runs in Galway, and with thanks to donations from the Irish Hockey Association, Aspire Hockey camps and photo sponsorship from Irish Hockey Photographers.

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