KH students launch new EYHL highlights show

King’s Hospital, in conjunction with the EHF and Hockey Ireland, have launched a new highlights show in the past fortnight, covering the men’s and women’s EY Hockey League.

The show goes out every Thursday, covering a men’s and women’s match in depth each week while also showing other goals from around the leagues via the EHF’s new online platform –

Filming a game at Glenanne Park. Pic: Adrian Boehm

Tia Doyle from KH Productions and a student of the Kings Hospital explained the concept behind the project: “At the start of term, we were asked if we would like to be part of an enterprise project preparing video highlights for the EYHL; we had no idea at the time just how many different areas this would cover.

“We now have a team of nine working on video editing, production, social media and advertising. We currently work Tuesday evenings plus Wednesday afternoon with each team responsible for their area.

“It is an exciting venture which is allowing us to see the development of a product from inception to completion. In time we will use this project as our mini company for transition year and once we have an idea of the viewing numbers and range, seek sponsorship for the project.

“We hope people are enjoying the highlights and we are constantly striving to make them better.“

At the announcement Angus Kirkland, Director General of the EHF welcomed the addition to the federation’s new platform “When we launched in August, it was always our vision that our platform would be for all our National Associations to use to showcase their hockey games, Video on Demand (VOD), highlights and behind the scenes on what is fast becoming the home of European Hockey on-line.

“We currently have over 30,000 subscribers and we are hoping to build this community over the domestic hockey season. We are really delighted that Hockey Ireland is the first National Association on board with an incredible project that is being led by possible future Youth Leaders in Ireland.

“Very often we hear about the huge costs involved in TV production and indeed that can be the case, but this project demonstrates that, with some know-how, determined youngsters and lots of hockey footage it is possible to produce a professional package. I would like to thank the students in the Kings Hospital and Hockey Ireland for putting their confidence in us to bring EYHL to a wider audience.”

Jerome Pels, CEO of Hockey Ireland added: “We are excited about the opportunity of using the EHF’s new on-line streaming platform for the weekly EYHL highlights for men and women. It is fantastic that with the help of clubs and the dedication of the students in the Kings Hospital School it is possible watch highlights from the EYHL games.”

** Watch week one’s highlights here; week two’s highlights are here

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