All-Ireland Schools – day one results

Pool A: Wesley, King’s Hospital, Bangor, Banbridge Academy
Pool B: St Andrew’s, Newtown, Campbell College, Sullivan Upper
Pool C: High School, Kilkenny College, Royal & Prior, Wallace HS
Pool D: Ashton, Villiers, RBAI, Friends

Bandon: St Andrew’s 4 (S Byrne, S McCann, R Spencer, M Romoli) Newtown 2 (B Johnson, G Morgan O’Brien); Wesley 10 (R Henderson 3, C Ruttle 3, B O’Grady, J Greaney, H Burns, C McKay) King’s Hospital 2
Ashton: Ashton 2 Villiers 3 (G Hodkinson, J Hodkinson, J von Maydell); High School 2 (E Jennings, H Lynch) Kilkenny 0
Midleton: RBAI 0 Friends 5; Bangor 1 Banbridge 2 (H Lockhart, P Campbell)
Garryduff: Campbell 1 Sullivan 2 (S Erskine, I Hart); Royal & Prior 2 Wallace 7 (T Chambers 3, A Scott 2, B Nelson 2)

Wesley College’s All-Ireland Schools team

Bandon: Newtown v Sullivan, 10am; Wallace v Kilkenny, 11.30am; Newtown v Campbell, 2.15pm; Wallace v High School, 3.45pm
Ashton: Ashton v RBAI, 10am; Kings Hospital v Banbridge, 11.30am; Ashton v Friends, 2.15pm; Kilkenny v Royal & Prior, 3.45pm
Midleton: Villiers v Friends, 10am; Wesley v Bangor, 11.30am; Villiers v RBAI, 2.15pm; Bangor v Kings Hospital, 3.45pm
Garryduff: St Andrew’s v Campbell, 10am; High School v Royal & Prior, 11.30am; St Andrew’s v Sullivan, 2.15pm; Banbridge v Wesley, 3.45pm

Bandon: Semi-final, 9.30am
Midleton: Semi-final, 9.30am
Garryduff: Final, 2.30pm

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