Glenanne – Men’s EY Hockey League

Last season: 7th EY Hockey League; Irish Senior Cup 3rd round, Mills cup winners
Coach: Joe Brennan (first year, second spell)

Players in: Iain Walker (YMCA) , Richard Shaw (returning from Australia), Shannon Boucher (Hurley, Netherlands), Herbie Fowler-Hudson (Avoca), Gavin Gibney (YMCA), Jason Rogan (Fingal), James Murtagh (returning to hockey)
Players out: Leo Micklem (Erasmus in New Zealand)

Overview: A large influx of players has strengthened Glenanne whose squad was a little thin at times last season and should see them and their second string have more numbers to make a sustained push for the playoff places, working off a panel of 20 rather than 13 from last term.

Shane O’Donoghue will dictate the pace for Glenanne once again. Pic: Adrian Boehm

Indeed, on their day – as evidenced by the Mills Cup run, two draws with Banbridge and victory over Lisnagarvey – they made life difficult for all sides but dropped too many points against sides nearer the bottom.

Former international Iain Walker’s arrival after over a decade as YM number one is an eye-catching one, off-setting Leo Micklem’s Erasmus in New Zealand. Richie Shaw’s return from Australia adds plenty of quality. South African international Shannon Boucher is also pencilled for a return from the Netherlands.

Joe Brennan takes on the coaching role once again for the second spell in three seasons, taking over from Rory O’Donoghue. With Brennan assisting the senior women’s international side, David O’Malley stepped in to coach while he was away. O’Malley has subsequently gone travelling and may not be back for the season. He has been a great help to the squad thus far and will be missed by the Glens.

His older brother Eddie, Brennan and Mick McGuinnes are still knocking around as is Gary Shaw, guiding the younger lights Sam O’Connor and Neil Byrne with Shane O’Donoghue dictating things from the centre. They could do some damage this term.

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