Boys interpros takes early season slot to beat the frost

Following last year’s deep November frost, the schoolboy interpros move to the much earlier September spot this weekend at Grange Road, starting on Friday afternoon.

For the Under-18s, Simon Lowry has taken on the coaching role this season and has a squad available with plenty of representative experience under their belt.

Harry Lynch moves up from the Under-16s into the Under-18 squad. Pic:

He has Rob McCollum and goalkeeper David Lawless available who played for the Irish Under-18s during the summer in Nottingham while Hugo Burns, Luke Adams, Matteo Romoli, Ewan Ramsay, Ali Empey, Ben O’Grady and Rian McDonald all played for Leinster Under-18s last season.

Moving up from Ireland Under-16s – who were also in action in Nottingham – are Harry Lynch, Josh Greaney, Cian Murphy, Mark Duggan, Riley Marchant. It is a squad with a wide spread of representation with eight clubs and six schools included.

At Under-16 level, it is largely a new look team with Craig Mackay, James Maginnis, Fionn Marriott and Ben Hickmott the four returnees with 14 newcomers. The spread of players is smaller with nine Three Rock Rovers players and six from Monkstown; six each from Wesley and St Andrew’s.

Speaking about the selections, LHA Interpro and High Performance Director Ann Ronan commended all players on their work over the summer and congratulated those selected, noting that the standard this year had been extremely high.

Leinster Under-18 Boys: Luke Adams (Three Rock Rovers/Newpark), Hugo Burns (Corinthian/Wesley), Shomik Chakraborty (Railway Union/St Kilians), Mark Duggan (Clontarf/Mount Temple), Ali Empey (Three Rock Rovers/High School), Josh Greaney (Corinthian/Wesley), Sean Harper (Clontarf/Mount Temple), David Lawless (Clontarf/Mount Temple), Harry Lynch (Three Rock Rovers/High School), Riley Marchant (Monkstown/St Andrew’s), Rob McCollum (Three Rock Rovers/Wesley), Cian Murphy (Pembroke/St Andrew’s), Rian McDonald (Pembroke/St Andrew’s), Ben O’Grady (YMCA/Wesley), Oisin O’Sullivan (Avoca/Newpark), Jake Pillow (Railway Union/High School), Ewan Ramsay (Avoca/Newpark), Matteo Romoli (Monkstown, St Andrew’s)

Coach: Simon Lowry
Manager: Emer Keogh
Assistant coaches: David Cole/Ashley Harrison
Physio: Ben Melvin

Leinster Under-16 boys: Ross Clarke (GK, Monkstown), Ben Whelan (GK, Three Rock Rovers/High School), Adam Walker (Three Rock Rovers/Wesley), Ethan Flynn (Three Rock Rovers/High School), Ben Ryder (Three Rock Rovers/Wesley), Jack Smalley (Three Rock Rovers/Wesley), James Maginnis (Pembroke/King’s Hospital), Sam Walker (Three Rock Rovers/St Andrew’s), Fionn Marriott (YMCA/Wesley), Evan Jennings (Three Rock Rovers/High School), Max Guilfoyle (Monkstown/St Andrew’s), Craig Mackay (Corinthian/Wesley), Josh Filgas (Monkstown/St Andrew’s), Tom Power (Three Rock Rovers/Wesley), Callum Hewat (Monkstown/St Andrew’s), Brooklyn Mapfumo (Three Rock Rovers/St Andrew’s), Ben Hickmott (Monkstown/St Andrew’s), Ryan Spencer (Monkstown/St Andrew’s)

Coach: Elun Hack
Manager: Brian Cleary
Assistant Coach: Jody Hosking
Player welfare: Sara Quill

Schoolboys Interprovincials fixtures
Friday, September 22
U-16: Leinster v Ulster, 1pm; Leinster v Munster, 5pm.
U-18: Leinster v Ulster, 3pm; Leinster v Munster, 7pm.

Saturday, September 23
U-16: Ulster v Munster, 10am; Ulster v Leinster, 2pm.
U-18: Ulster v Munster, 12pm; Ulster v Leinster, 4pm.

Sunday, September 24
U-16: Munster v Ulster, 10am; Munster v Leinster, 2pm.
U-18: Munster v Ulster, 12pm; Munster v Leinster, 4pm

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