Hockey Ireland to overhaul club affiliation fees

The Hockey Ireland AGM will take place on Sunday, May 21 at 11.30am in the Talbot Hotel in Stillorgan with an overhaul of the current level of affiliation fees for the following season set to be overhauled.

Currently, club affiliations are paid per team fielded at adult level. Under the new amendment, fees will be based on a per-player basis as Hockey Ireland bids to create an “equitable and fair fee structure”, saying the current model is “not equitable as it is based on an adult team-based fee only”.

The new structure will see clubs charged €30 per adult player on their books per season, €10 per Under-18 player, €15 per Masters/Veteran player. Additionally, club coaches will be charged at €30, umpires at €10 and non-playing members at €10.

It means, by way of example, a club with 75 adult playing members, 100 youth members, a vets team will play around €3,475 with an additional €200 club affiliation fee.

Previously, the level of affiliation fees was €465 per adult team. In a club with five adult teams, this would equate to €2,325. For clubs with larger youth sections – with some in the country having over 300 members now – this can equate to significant increases in outgoings.

The change in process will also see the introduction of an online membership management system and the introduction of an insurance scheme for all Hockey Ireland members.

Explaining the need to change the process, Hockey Ireland’s document on the change states the reasons as follows:

“1. Create an equitable and fair fee structure. All members contribute to the organisation. The current model is not equitable as it is an adult team based fee only. The new structure is sustainable and will be supporting the development of hockey into the future.

“2. Data. Hockey Ireland must have quantifiable membership data to support requests for funding and sponsorship. We must have access to demographic information and be able to stand over our participation figures in order to effectively utilise the grants available for sports.

“3. Increase revenues to support growth and development. We must strive to develop a varied sustainable income channel to support the growth of the sport. Hockey Ireland can no longer rely primarily on Government funding only and must move towards a more diverse funding model in order to grow our sport. Out of the top 10 National Governing Bodies in Ireland, hockey is only one of three sports that has not yet introduced a membership system.”

Among the other items on the agenda is a byelaw amendment which, if passed by a 50% vote, will see the following line added to “a player whilst serving a Provincial Branch sanction will not be allowed to play in any Irish Competition at the time of the sanction” meaning a Leinster suspension will also carry over into national cup and league competitions.

Irish Hockey Ltd AGM Agenda, May 21, 11.30am, Talbot Hotel  (click on the underlined sentences for full information)

a) Chairperson’s address
b) Apologies
c) Confirmation of the Minutes of the previous AGM
d) Matters arising
e) Annual report of the Board of Directors
f) Financial report with audited accounts
g) Roll call
h) Proposals for amendments to the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association (requires 75% majority)
i) Proposals for amendments to Byelaws of the Association (requires simple majority)
j) Election of to ten (10) members to the Board
k) Record the level of Affiliation Fees for following season as determined by the Board
l) Appointment of Auditor(s)
m) Anti-doping report
n) General business

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