EY Working Group to form panel to discuss way forward for league

In conjunction with the EY Hockey League Working Group, the Hook ran a survey to gather opinions on how people felt about the national league following its first two seasons.

Having looked at the replies from the survey, the Working Group has proposed to form a panel with representatives from clubs and the provinces to consider the findings, especially in relation to the potential appetite for forming a second division of the EY Hockey League.

This panel is currently being put in place with invites going to the Provinces on Tuesday.

The infographic – produced with thanks to Graham Catchpole – below gives an overview of opinions from the survey, listing what the key concerns raised were.

You can also read the extended opinions on some of the key themes through the following links:

1) What improvements would you suggest for the EYHL?

2) Alternative suggestions for EYHL promotion-relegation

3) The balance between provincial and leagues

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