Masters Over-40s take on Europe in St Alban’s

The Irish Masters Over-40s tip off in their own European championships this weekend, starting off against the Netherlands in St Alban’s this morning.

Dug Good gives his take on his team mates

Dug Good gives his take on his team mates

They compete against the Dutch, Spain and Scotland in the initial group with the squad relishing the chance to put right the results from the Home Nations competition in Swansea earlier in the year.

Here’s Dug Good’s assessment of his team mates:

1 – Gordon Clarke ( GK ) Corinthans – Looking for a clean sheet and commanding the big D
2 – Morten Pederson – Canterbury – Our mole in England.
3 – Peter Young – Naas – The Farming athlete and I don’t mean a scarecrow.
4 – Philip Barbour – Cookstown – The traditional gentleman, wooden stick by his side.
5 – Allen Irwin – Ulster – Words can’t describe him and opposition can’t contain him.
6 – Clinton Murphy – Glenanne – Rebuilt over the summer, now half robot.
7 – Paul Fitzpatrick – TRR – The Captain and leader. Our very own Steven Gerrard.
8 – Peter Bland – Banbridge – Taking a break from filming COPS for a week.
9 – Paudie Carley – Pembroke – Ready to deal with the Dutch in other ways for a week.
10 – Ian Stuart – Monkstown – Scratch, still going, we’ve no idea how.
11 – Grattan Evans – Bray – Warms up with a triathlon before the match.
12 – Julien Hinds – YMCA – Fresh from the YM youth academy.
13 – Julian Stevenson – Lisnagarvey – Gandalf, his last run out before retirement.
14 – Michel Pobloth – Kilkeel – Thrown out by Germany, pick up by the Irish, ready to face the dutch.
15 – Stephen Magee – Bangor – Sharp suiting and sharp shooting.
16 – Dug Good – Pembroke – Laser guided goal scorer from 2 yards.

A great squad and great team spirit, fantastic mix of youth, talent and experience, basically a squad that thinks they are still 21 and playing like it!

The tournament kicks off with Holland at 9am Saturday then Spain at at 4.15pm on Sunday finished the pool stages off with Scotland at 5.15pm on Monday.

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