Smith: right decision ultimately reached but manner served to damage free-flowing tie

Darren Smith said the right decision was ultimately reached in denying Ireland a winning goal in game three this week against Spain though the manner the umpires reached the outcome “caused a bit of damage” to an otherwise free-flowing game.

Speaking to Declan Hughes in the wake of last night’s 1-1 draw with Spain, the Irish coach said of the controversial moment: “The far side umpire probably started the game a little bit quick when the Spanish weren’t ready.

“In the meantime, you get a couple of teams that are a little bit frustrated and that came into the match in the final 15 minutes where it got a bit niggly and the standard dropped away. I think, in the end, they probably got it right but caused a bit of damage along the way.”

** You can hear the full interview below along with words from Nikki Evans

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