Leinster’s Over-40s men spoil Ulster’s clean sweep at the Masters’ Interpros

** Words with thanks to Helen Johnston; results collated by Southern Fried Hockey’s Alan Good
Leinster’s Over-40s men spoiled Ulster’s clean sweep at the Master’s Interpros which took place in Garryduff, Cork at the weekend.

Leinster O-40s Dug Good and Padraig Carley celebrate their side's success

Leinster O-40s Dug Good and Padraig Carley celebrate their side’s success

Ulster won four of the five competitions with Leinster winning the men’s Over-40s section. This Leinster team won three of their four matches, finishing with a 7-1 win over Ulster. Their only loss was to Munster, losing 2-1 on the Saturday afternoon. Dougie Good was the top scorer with four goals, with Paul Fitzpatrick (3), David Wilson (2) and Paul O’Brien (1) also getting on the score sheet.

In a weekend of four seasons – cold torrential rain and strong winds on Friday evening and Saturday morning to bright sunshine on Sunday afternoon – Ulster won the other four competitions.

Leinster did not compete in the Men’s O-45s which was won by Ulster, with Paul Johnston the main source of goals, netting four. This was the only section in which the ExPats and Connacht men competed, with Connacht finishing second, Munster third with the ExPats fourth.

In a close competition at Men’s O-50s, Ulster emerged as winners with 11 points to Leinster’s eight, with Munster third.

It was all square coming into the last game between Ulster and Leinster in which Leinster took a two-goal lead, with goals from David Adams and Nigel Kingston. Ulster, however, made a strong comeback scoring three goals, from Willie Cooper (2) and Malcolm McWhirter, to win the game and the O-50s section.

In two closely fought women’s competitions Ulster emerged as winners. At O-40s level, Ulster initially drew with Leinster and narrowly beat Connacht 3-2, scoring the winning goal on the final hooter.

Connacht beat Ulster in the return game on the Sunday morning so that the competition decider came down to the final Ulster v Leinster match on the Sunday afternoon which Ulster won 2-0.

Ex-international Janette Gordon (nee Turner) was instrumental for Ulster, while former Irish goalkeeper Tara Browne, along with defender Emma Glanville, were key players for Connacht. Hazel Agar and Ashling Schutte showed well for Leinster.

At O-45s level, the competition was similarly close, with Ulster winning this section in the last game with a 4-0 win against Leinster. Earlier they had beaten Leinster 2-0 but had two draws against Munster.

Leinster also had two draws against Munster. Ulster had an impressive forward line of Carolyn Burns, Julie Doak and Claire Bell, while Cathy Walsh and Kathy Shaw impressed for Munster up front.

Sinead Guilfoyle in goals and midfielders Linda Jenkinson and Annie Lawlor were the stand out performers for Leinster.

The Masters Interprovincials serve as good preparation for the Masters World Cup taking place in Rotterdam, Holland from June 5-13. Ireland will be sending two women’s teams at O-40s and O-50s level and two men’s teams at O-40s and O-45s level with possibly also an O-50s team.

Masters Interpros, Garryduff, Cork

Women’s O40: Connacht 0 Leinster 0; Leinster 0 Ulster 2 (Julie Bell, Annette Wilson); Connacht 2 (Emma Glanville, Siobhan Glynn) Ulster 0; Leinster 1 (Ali McSweeney) Connacht 0; Ulster 3 (Jeanette Gordon 2, Natalie Patterson) Connacht 2 (Trish Garrett 2); Leinster 2 (Hazel Agar, Ashling Schutte) Ulster 2 (Nicola Thompson, Jo Irwin);

The Leinster women's Masters O-45s team

The Leinster women’s Masters O-45s team

Final standings: 1 Ulster 8pts; 2 Leinster 6pts; 3 Connacht 4pts.

Women’s O45: Leinster 0 Ulster 4 (Carolyn Burns 2, Claire Bell, Anne Snoddy); Munster 1 (Cathy Walsh) Leinster 1 (Bronnie O’Donnell); Ulster 0 Munster 0; Ulster 2 (Julie Doak, Anne Snoddy) Munster 2 (Kathy Shaw, Dawn Grace); Leinster 2 (Helen Johnston, Alison Pigot) Munster 2 (Cathy Walsh 2); Leinster 0 Ulster 2 (OG, Julie Doak).

Final standings: 1 Ulster 10pts; 2 Munster 7pts; 3 Leinster 4pts.

Men’s O40: Ulster 1 (Darren Scott) Leinster 7 (Paul Fitzpatrick, David Wilson 2, Dougie Good 3, Eise Lodewijk); Ulster 1 (Stephen Magee) Munster 0; Leinster 1 (Paul O’Brien) Munster 2 (Allen Wilson, Nigel Packham); Leinster 2 (Paul Fitzpatrick 2) Ulster 1 (Neil Cooke); Munster 0 Ulster 0; Leinster 1 (Eise Lodewijk) Munster 0.

Final standings: 1 Leinster 9pts; 2= Munster 4pts, 2= Ulster 4pts.

Men’s O45: Munster 1 (Ivan Bateman) Ulster 2 (Paul Johnston, Rupert Pinion); Connacht 3 (Frank Hogan, Morten Pederson, Neil Kearns) ExPats 2 (Martin Collins, Andy Barlow); Munster 2 (Alan Wilson 2) ExPats 1 (Tony Wizbek); Ulster 4 (Paul Johnston 3, Stephen Galway) Ex Pats 1 (OG); Connacht 1 (Martin Pedersen) Munster 0; Connacht 0 Ulster 1 (Stephen Galway).

Final standings: 1 Ulster 9pts; 2 Connacht 6pts; 3 Munster 3pts; 4 ExPats 0pts

Men’s O50: Ulster 3 (Willie Cooper 2, Malcolm McWhirter) Leinster 2 (David Adams, Nigel Kingston); Munster 2 (Kevin O’Leary, Ashley Smyth) Ulster 4 (Willie Cooper 2, Mark Murray, OG); Munster 2 (Mark Stockil 2) Leinster 4 (David Adams, Robert Haughton, Ian O’Keeffe 2); Leinster 1 (Simon Young) Ulster 1 (Mark Murray); Ulster 3 (Bruce Agnew 2, Sam Ireland) Munster 0; Leinster 3 (Nigel Kingston, David Adams, Ian O’Keeffe) Munster 0.

Final standings: 1 Ulster 11pts; 2 Leinster 8pts; 3 Munster 0pts.

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