The Hook 4.0 ready for the 2013/14 season

The Hook entered its fourth incarnation this week as the site looks to grow and adapt to new developments with the aim of continuing to provide the best coverage of Leinster and Irish hockey.

I hope you like the changes, primarily put together by the hard graft of Botanic hockey club’s Gillian McAuliffe. The site is now hosted by, a company run by new LHA men’s chairman Mick McGuinness and Fingal’s Paddy Gahan.

The Hook design when hosted by Blogspot between 2008 and 2010

The Hook design when hosted by Blogspot between 2008 and 2010

Using the incredible work of the Irish Hockey Photographers, the volume of imagery has increased on the front page to show off the dynamic nature of the sport.

In response to many suggestions about the nature of comments, you can vote up your favourite comments and down the ones you don’t agree with.

You can also read comments in either chronological or most popular order. Similarly, commenters can login via Facebook or Twitter to reduce anonymity of posters, track a particular posters opinions and report comments for spam or for unsavoury content.

For men’s Leinster division one and two, women’s division one and the schoolgirl’s Premier league, a league module with league tables, results and upcoming fixtures have been added to the right of pages relating to those respective divisions.

To replace the News in brief section, a Club Noticeboard has been introduced where you can post notices about your club’s upcoming events, coach searches and special notices.

The Hook is also endeavouring to become more accessible to mobile and tablet devices. With so many different devices out there now, your help is needed to iron out any glitches by letting us know if you have any issues.

In the current weeks, an Irish hockey video vault with highlights from previous years will be built.

The Hook's look from 2010-2013

The Hook’s look from 2010-2013

For the 2013/14 season, The Hook will also be linking up with Dublin City FM 103.2 to provide radio coverage. This will include weekend previews on their Friday evening show and then round-ups on Sunday evenings at 4.45pm.

Declan Hughes will also featuring a game or two each Saturday with interviews with the coaches after each game which will be incorporated into a podcast on Monday evenings.

Finally, another facet of the redesign is to increase the potential for advertising in order to support the site’s ongoing existence. If you know anyone who you think would benefit from advertising on the site, please pass on the email below.

For those who would like to support the site financially, indeed, the Donate button is at the bottom of the site with all monies going back into site development.

Like all websites, The Hook is a work in progress and if you have any suggestions to improve the site or if you want to get involved and volunteer to do some work for the site, please leave a comment, email or drop us a note on Facebook or Twitter.

Hope you enjoy the changes to the most read hockey site in Ireland and all the best for the 2013/14 season!

Stephen Findlater
The Hook – owner

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