Advertorial – Smart Training: “Train smarter, not harder”


Jonny Bruton is hoping to provide Leinster hockey community with a new fitness experience as he opens the doors to the Smart Training fitness facility this week.

The Irish international has taken a break from the men’s senior training panel since playing in World League round three in order to set up the new venture based in Churchtown Business Park.

He and his team of five – which includes Pembroke man Scott Furlong and Hermes’ Megan Tennant-Humphreys – are hoping to offer a new approach to fitness training.

“The services we offer are small group training, class membership and one-to-one training. The reason we are different is because with your average gym, about a month in, they get bored, get no results and just leave.

“With my facility, we do class membership. When someone comes in, they pay a monthly membership but get unlimited classes so it’s not like an open gym. They can book into whatever class they want.

“Smart Training is for people who want to lose weight, tone up, be more active and feel good. All this without feeling pain.

DSC_5220He says that the ideals behind the new venture are based on his core philosphy.

“It’s all about smart training, training smarter not harder.

“Yes training hard is good but if you’re training either with an injury or have a mobility issue like tight hips, they will make themselves worse in the long run. I’m about smart training.

“Fixing those issues before people go on to train harder. That’s where the idea started and then we bring in the personal training side of things.”

Smart Training will run a variety of classes including among others pilates, zumba, core, RIP 60, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and kettle bell’s along with the classic boot camps, something which he has been running with Three Rock for the past three weeks.

Indeed, he is looking to run classes with a strong hockey-specific base.

“I’ve loved sport all my life and hockey is my main background. When I moved to Dublin three years ago, I wanted to do something in that area. I got into fitness instructing first and then I went further into personal training. I saw a niche in the market for what we are doing here.

“I want to feed the hockey in through the personal training. Especially for young lads, if you want to aspire to be a top player, strength and conditioning is key for that.”

He cites the development of a player’s core as a key element in the make-up of a modern player.

“Core is essential. Any guy coming into the international scene will see, you need to be low to the ball for which the core area is extremely important. Areas like your glutes and lower back muscles are key areas to remain low and strong on the ball.

“What we do would be very much on those areas, working your hips and quads with squats and dead lifts and rotation of your core. If you aspire to be a top player, you have to be fast, light on your toes, have a strong core and a strong base.

kettlebells“I’ve only noticed in the past three or four years that the Irish team has got big into it and you have seen their strides. We have come a long way through our conditioning to match the big teams. Our physical conditioning has been really good and progressed a lot since I earned my first cap in 2008.

“I want to promote this to the hockey community. It is actually a big enough market and having Megan (pilates instructor), Scott from Pembroke (Personal Trainer and Class Instructor) and myself (Personal Trainer and Class instructor) in Three Rock, I want to make it part of that friendly hockey community. I’m so excited to have this team together because they will work well together.”

He also says that Smart Training can provide an alternative venue during the winter months when the temperatures drop.

“When the pitches are frozen, it is an opportunity for teams to talk to me and use the facility and we can do things in there to keep them active.”

** The facility opened on Monday, August 26 and is currently hosting a free week of classes. You can find the schedule on the Smart Training Facebook page

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