Eight Leinster league and registrations proposals up for adoption at LHA AGM

Eight motions concerning the organisation of the Leinster leagues are set to be voted on at the Leinster Hockey Association AGM on Wednesday night as the issues surrounding men’s division two are addressed head on.

The division has been subject to many debates on The Hook in the past five years with a number of sides dropping out of the division to the junior leagues, reducing the competition to just six teams on a couple of occasions.

But a men’s working group has put together a series of proposals in recent months in a bid to offer a more attractive offering for players and improve the way adult club hockey is run at each level.


The key proposal is to promote four sides from division three to division two to make it the latter a ten team league similar to women’s Leinster division two with promotion and relegation possible between the two tiers.

Should one of the six first teams win division two, they would earn promtion in the normal way while the playoff place would also be available for first teams finishing second in the table.

The working group also propose the abolition of postponements in division six, seven and eight barring for reasons of unplayable pitch. Should a side not be able to field a full 11, they can agree to play with a reduced side or concede a 2-0 loss and play out a friendly tie with players shared.

Other proposals regarding the Walters and Galtrim Cup will be proposed as will clear guidance on whether international players are reason for postponement. Similarly, confirmation that postponements for third teams for Irish Junior Cup weekends with teams playing away will also be granted is sought.

Bray, meanwhile, have sought a change in the registrations for clubs with two adult teams.

On the women’s side, while there were concerns raised at the recent Irish Hockey Association of the structure of Leinster division one and the centralisation of top players at just a handful of clubs, just one proposal has been put forward.

Genesis have proposed the introduction of either a Sunday league or the allowance of sides to play solely on Sundays. The reason is to offer a hockey option for players who are not available on Saturdays – either for work or school reasons – especially players aged between 15-18, an age when drop off in playing numbers is a recognised concern.

Full list of motions for the LHA AGM:
1. Motion from Genesis Hockey Club – Jantien Findlater

Genesis Hockey Club kindly requests the Leinster Branch to consider the following proposal for the upcoming AGM:

a. to allow a club team to play only on Sundays
b. to allow or institute a Sunday league

The reason for this proposal is that an increasing number of players have work commitments on Saturday and that young players between the age of 15 and 18 who are also club members often play a school match and a club match on Saturdays. Particularly the latter is a source for concern.

The purpose is twofold: to provide playing opportunities for players who otherwise have to give up hockey and to retain youth players in the 15-18 age group. We have contacted other clubs and the Regional Development Officer and there is support for this proposal

2. Motion from Men’s Working Group
The Men’s Working Group are proposing that four teams from the top of division 3 should be promoted to division 2. All other divisions would be revised accordingly.

The new arrangement should start from this September. Normal relegation and promotion will occur from the following season between div 2 and div 3. The rules pertinent to promotion and relegation between div 1 and div 2 will be as follows: – If a first XI wins division 2 then they will be automatically promoted.

In this case if another first XI finishes second then they may challenge the team finishing second last to a play-off game and the winner of that game will play in division 1 the next season. If a non first XI win the second division title then the highest finishing second XI may challenge the team finishing last in Division 1 to a play-off game and the winner of that game will play in division 1 the next season

3. Motion from Men’s Working Group
The group recommend that the following proposal should be adopted for divisions 6, 7 and 8. The principle offered is that all players want to play a hockey match at the weekend therefore no match can be cancelled, unless it is due to an unplayable pitch.

That all games must be played, even if a team cannot produce the full 11 players. That the team which cannot produce 11 players has the option to either:
a. play with the lower number or
b. record a two nil loss and play a friendly with the players being shared between the two teams.


4. Motion from Men’s Working Group
There should be a clear rule that a postponement may be given for a third XI if the seconds are playing an IJC match outside the province. Similarly for the seconds if the first XI are involved outside the province for an ISC match. The motion to the meeting is that postponements are allowed in these instances provided that games are refixed within 21 days.

5. Motion from Men’s Working Group
The Walters cup will be played as a pre-season competition.

6. Motion from Men’s Working Group
The registration rules for the Walters and Galtrim cups should be reviewed by the incoming men’s fixtures committee. The committee should also review the alignment of the cup competitions in line with the league revisions. The committee should look for opportunities to trial new innovative ideas in cup competitions. (examples: preseason/ smaller teams /one day/ different short corners)

7. Motion from Men’s Working Group
There should be no postponements allowed for clubs with players away on international duty.

8. Motion from Bray Hockey Club – Sarah O’Connor
On behalf of Bray Hockey Club, and in understanding that proposals to change bye laws are part of the AGM agenda, I propose a motion to change the registration rules for the men as follows.

Currently, every team (except the last team in the club) registers 8 players who cannot play for a lower division team. There is an exception to this in that the 1st team must register 9 players. For a club with only 2 teams this is a major impediment, especially when playing another club with more than 2 teams.
We propose the rule is amended to include the clause:

Eleven bona-fide regular playing members of the relevant team, except the most junior eleven, arranged in order of merit and numbered. Of those so registered the first nine of the first eleven shall not be eligible to play for any other eleven. The first eight of the second eleven and any subsequent eleven shall not be eligible to play for any lower eleven than that on which they have been registered. For a club with only 2 teams, only the first 8 of the first eleven shall be ineligible.

** The following reports have been received for consideration at the LHA AGM which will be held on the 12th June, 7.30pm in the Stillorgan Park Hotel.

AGM Minutes – 06 June 2012 v2
Development Committee Report
Ladies Section AGM Report 2013
LHA – Accounts for Year End – AGM
Men’s committee report 2013
Report of the Leinster Hockey Umpires Association to the LHA June 2013
Secondary Schoolgirls Report
South East League report

** The following business shall be transacted at the Annual General Meeting

a) Confirmation that a quorum of accredited representatives is present.
b) Presidents Opening Address
c) Read and confirm minutes of the previous AGM.
d) Report from the Honorary Secretary
e) The Treasurer’s Report and Accounts
f) Adoption of the Accounts
g) Hockey Report from the Ladies’ Section.
h) Hockey Report from the South East Section.
i) Hockey Report from the Men’s Section.
j) Report of the Development Committee
k) Report of the Youth Committee
l) Report of the Grounds Committee
m) Report from the Umpires Association.
n) Election of the President
o) Election of the Vice President
p) Election of the Hon Secretary
q) Election of the three Management Committee members, who shall be Chairman of their respective Section.
r) Election of the Disciplinary Committee
s) Election of the Chairman of the Grounds Committee
t) Election of the Ladies’ Section Officers **
– Secretary
– Fixtures Secretary
– Registration Secretary
– Six (6) Club Representatives
u) Election of the South East Section Officers **
– Secretary / Club Liaison
– Fixtures Secretary
– Schools Representative
– Youth Representative
– Development Representative
v) Election of the Men’s Section Officers **
– Match Secretary
– Assistant Match Secretary
– Registration Secretary
– Assistant Registrations Secretary
– Three (3) Ordinary Members

w) Election of Auditors
x) Proposed Bye Law changes and Motions for consideration.
s) General Business

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