Leinster men’s titles galore won across the province


U-16 Boy’s League final
Monkstown 1 (Herbie Fowler-Hudson) Three Rock Rovers 0

Monkstown’s U-16s completed their perfect domestic season as they landed the U-16 boys double as they claimed the spoils from a cracking league final at Rathdown last Sunday.

A top quality tie that was played at interprovincial pace, Herbie Fowler-Hudson’s reverse-stick rocket following a great team move early in the second half was all that separated the sides in the final reckoning.

20130421 Monkstown HC U16_1

But the Town were thankful to goalkeeper Alexander Beatty who backed up his goalkeeper of the tournament gong earned in Holland over Easter with a player of the match crown in this final.

He and Steve Dawson at the far end traded saves throughout a high octane first half with Ben McCrea impressing for Rovers at the back while James Walker and Nacho Sequi Davalilo linked up well with Freddie Morris further up the field to create a series of problems.

It made the tie a far cry from the cup quarter-finals in which Monkstown were handsome 5-2 winners. They did have one effort just denied by the half-time whistle but got in front in the second half from Fowler-Hudson’s goal.

Again, both goalkeepers were on top form in the second half and while Rovers also had a goal disallowed, no further incursions meant Monkstown added another title to their already lengthy list.


Railway Cup final
YMCA II 2 (Will Powderly, own goal) Pembroke II 1 (own goal)

After a dramatic reinstatement to the competition, YMCA II took full advantage to snatch the Railway Cup in a tie defined by own goals.

Pembroke got the first of them before Will Powderly’s cross took a deflection for 1-1 at half-time. And Powderly was instrumental once again in the winner which came in the final minute as the ball somehow scrambled over the line.

YM were initially knocked out of the competition in the semi-final by Railway Union but one of their players was deemed ineligible, seeing the Y return to the competition for the final and duly bagging the league and cup double.


Minor Cup final
Corinthian IV 4 (D Butler 2, D Howard, T Long) Wicklow 2

Corinthian came from 2-0 down to claim their second cup title in seven days at the Maws last Saturday, denying Wicklow the double in the process.

The tangerines had gone 2-0 up inside the opening quarter when Doug Ferris slotted home early on and Eoin Byrne coolly finished the second for a cracking start to the tie.


But the reds replied quickly with Tom McNulty latching onto an overhead and laying on the perfect pass for Darragh Butler to finish an excellent team goal

The striker levelled matters before half-time off the back of a broken down corner, picking out the bottom corner to leave it very much game on in the second half.

Corinthian, though, took control in the second period as Davy Howard dragged home a penalty corner and Tony Long got a delicate touch to a cross after a quickly taken free found its way to him.


Junior Cup final
Rathgar III 2 Clontarf III 0


Galtrim Cup final
Avoca 2 Monkstown 2, Avoca win on penalty strokes


  • leinster supporter

    Neville cup final is to be played between Railway and Pembroke next tuesday in wait for it….Sutton Park, what processed the LHA to put two southside teams over in Sutton Park @ 7.30?

  • DNS

    nothing wrong with DNS but are they actually being serious!!???
    they wanna make it more attractive to spectators, and then they put a final no where near where the clubs are from!

  • Peeper Brooks

    Bold strategy from the Branch there Cotton…Let’s see if it pays off

  • leinster supporter

    @DNS “nothing wrong with DNS” sorry if it came across badly, but what I was trying to say – its a midweek game, not ideal no matter where it is for a cup final, it will be hard enough to get supporters out on a week night, other than parents that have to ferry players to the match, but surly the LHA should look at the teams involved and have a ground close to both clubs, especially since they don’t do a cup final day as the ladies do, all finals, one venue, one day, loads of supporters = money in LHA bank account, maybe the LHA might go with a novel idea, both clubs toss for home advantage and play in either Railway or Pembroke, both water based, both with bar & easier to get to for both sets of supporters – win, win situation

  • Bandwagon Driver

    Well, the LHA’s decision to play the Railway final in Kilcock when it was two D4 teams, wasn’t exactly bright either – especially when both clubs 1st teams where in IHL action in Dublin wasn’t exactly bright either. Not many supporters were going to travel from Ballsbridge / Sandymount to Kilcock and back.

    I think it’s great that the branch want to bring games to non-traditional venues, but there’s a time and a place!

  • Needle Stick

    On a seperate note, the video link that plays automatically when you open the hook is nothing short of….annoying.

  • Stephen Findlater

    @Needle Stick – I agree with you and am not sure why it is doing that. Currently looking into it as the settings I have in place say that this should not be happening!

  • At least

    Re Bandwagon Driver

    Not that I disagree with you, but you can at least see some logic with the Railway Cup. It was a finals day, so not just one match down there and it was a Saturday so people had some chance of getting down there. It was also presumably good for the club and got local players/members and potential players and members out to watch the finals. No one from Sutton is going to bother going to this final midweek so defeats the purpose.

  • WicklowandMonkstown

    I’m always amazed at the Dublin-centric view of some hockey players and clubs. It’s a Leinster league, not a Dublin or worse, South Dublin league. Kudos to the Branch for giving the smaller and newer clubs exposure by choosing them as venues for Finals – N Kildare certainly made the best of their day last weekend. It seems that some players and supporters don’t ever want to travel outside of their own club.

  • @wicklowandmonkstown

    Clueless comment. The argument here is simple. It’s a midweek final between two south side clubs. To expect the teams and supporters (should there be any after this ridiculous venue booking) to make their way over to Sutton on a Tuesday evening is impractical! Hopefully common sense will prevail

  • Dead right

    “I’m always amazed at the Dublin-centric view of some hockey players and clubs. It’s a Leinster league, not a Dublin or worse, South Dublin league. Kudos to the Branch for giving the smaller and newer clubs exposure by choosing them as venues for Finals – N Kildare certainly made the best of their day last weekend. It seems that some players and supporters don’t ever want to travel outside of their own club.”

    Too true. Try getting teams in division 2 out of their county (gasp) once a year to go down and play a match in Kilkenny.

  • leinster supporter

    hey no problem in giving finals to up and coming clubs and I heard that it was a fantastic day in North Kildare, well supported by all, that is great for a weekend, but a weekday???

  • WicklowandMonkstown

    @wicklowandmonkstown – clueless comment
    It’s a shame that you resort to such glib comments. You could equally say that picking Corinthians as a venue for the Walter Cup Final on a Thu evening is equally offputting for teams and supporters. However, the teams both made it (Wicklow and Pembroke) and a few supporters showed up too. If the committment is there, then people will show. This season, the branch had a tough job to close out the season with all of the cancellations owing to weather and finding venues at a weekend could not have been easy with IHL Finals and Junior Interpros coming up.

    I agree with Dead right – there isn’t a venue in Leinster now that is more than an hour’s drive away from any club in Dublin yet some teams seem to find it impossible to fulfil their very few away fixtures outside the county.

  • Are you well


    The whole point of putting finals in these locations is to give such clubs exposure. Arguments like yours are actually insulting to Suttonians HC. It implies that they need a Neville Cup final at their ground to be shown a real spectacle in hockey or something, which they do not.

    No one from Sutton is going to go to the game, why would they bother. The people who will go are fans of the two clubs, who, funnily enough, tend to be located near the two clubs.

  • Missing the Point


    That example is moot as Wicklow and Pembroke are obviously located a fair bit apart, therefore Corinthians is a fair location in my opinion. However, for two teams in Sandymount to be venued in Sutton is completely unneccassary and as pointed out above Suttonians HC will more than likely have absolutely no interest in going to spectate.

  • dog lover

    One thing to keep in mind is the cost factor, Clubs that receive grants form the Branch have to allocate time to the Branch, it makes sense to use this free time rather then rent pitches, if for example the final was in TRR and you had to drive from Ballsbridge, how much longer would the journey take then the journey to Sutton ? . I wonder what are friends from Sutton and North Kildare make of our hockey family comments. Two clubs that have worked hard investing in our sport and growing the game.

  • common sense

    @dog lover: this has taken on a life of its own, yes if the branch helps you with getting your pitch, you give pitch time, but lets be honest, getting to TRR is far easier than getting to sutton at that time in the evening, if your coming from the southside of leinster, no insult is intended to any club, its important that the branch use common sense in setting these finals, maybe an idea for next year would be to run all finals over one or two days, put it out to the clubs as to who would like to host finals day, north kildare have led in the way in hosting & leinster will have a festival of hockey, worth a thought

  • Stephen Findlater

    The Neville Cup final has been fixed for Tuesday evening in Railway Union following a coin toss on Saturday by the LHA with a representative of Pembroke and Railway present.

  • query

    Reading your report on the IHL match on sat in railway, broken pipe, which caused problems, I wonder if this going to ge fixed for tuesday

  • Newsflash

    Change of Venue:

    The Neville Cup final is now in Pembroke, due to a problem with the water system in Railway, match will start at 7.30

    The U21 Cup Final is in UCD at 7pm between UCD & Monkstown

  • Bourne Identity

    A bus load of students will leave Sutton Park this evening to go to the Neville Cup Final. They have Red Cross Parcels and enough fluids to last the journey. They will allow no barrier to curb progress and hope to be in Sandymount in a healthy enough condition to enjoy the match. God Speed lads.

  • Fan

    Can any one confirm the location of the bus load of children from the northside as the bus did not make the final last night!!! maybe they did not know the venue had changed!!!! pity they missed a goood game.

  • Bounrne Legacy

    Confirmation of compliment received loud and clear.

    Colonel Bourne (Camoflage Section)

  • AJ

    Just a note. Great write up, the Monkstown U-16 goalkeeper is Alexander Beatty. Not Beattie. But at least it was close. It has been written many different ways in match programmes and jerseys and award lists.

  • Stephen Findlater

    Thanks for the correction. Will correct that now and make a note for the future.

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