Increased Masters tournament set for Grange Road


The second annual Masters Interpros will be held this weekend in Three Rock Rovers hockey grounds. The Masters’ scene continues to grow and the tournament this weekend will see 12 mens teams and six ladies teams taking part in a schedule of 30 competitive matches. The tournament kicks off on Friday evening at 7.15pm, plays all day Saturday and finishes up on Sunday at 4.30pm.

On the men’s side, the O-40s section see Leinster competing against Ulster and Munster. In the O-45s age group, Connacht and the Ex-Pats are competing for the first time along with Ulster and Munster.

The men’s O-50s and the new category, the mens O-55s sees Leinster, Ulster and a combined Munster/Exiles team compete in both these sections. Selection will be made for the Home Nations Masters in Wakefield, England on June 28-30 where Ireland intend to send teams at O-40, O-45, O-50 and O-55 levels.


On the ladies side, the numbers competing have more than doubled with Connacht and Munster entering teams for the first time. The O-40s section see Leinster compete against Ulster and Connacht, while the O-45s comprise Leinster, Ulster and Munster.

The Irish Masters’ coaches Ben Epstein, Stu Malcolm and Ross Canning, along with provincial selectors, will be selecting players for three Irish Masters teams at O-40s, O-45s and O-50s levels to compete in the Home Nations. This year the Home Nations (Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales) is being hosted in Dublin at the Pembroke, Railway and UCD hockey grounds from June 14-16.

The ladies Leinster O-40s team combines a blend of experience and ‘relative’ youth – the Masters experience of Pembroke’s Annie Lawlor and Ashling Schutte combining with the skills of Loreto’s Paula O’Donoghue along with Alex newcomers and ex-senior players Gillian Garrett and Hazel Agar.

The O-45s team sees a combination of O-45s and O-50s with Loreto’s Linda Jenkinson and Hermes’ Roly Burke the stand out players who continue to compete in Leinster’s division two. The team also includes ex-internationals Orla Galvin, Orla Bell and Joanne O’Grady along with Masters stalwarts Alison Pigot and Glenanne’s Jane Salter.

Leinster Ladies O40s: Mary Harkin GK (Loreto), Margie Loughran GK (Navan), Ashling Field (Genesis), Paula O’Donoghue (Loreto), Kerry Johnson (Pembroke), Ailish Langan (Genesis), Brenda Barrett (Alex), Clara Chamberlayne (Pembroke), Hazel Agar (Alex), Ashling Schutte (Pembroke), Noreen Dockery (Alex), Annie Lawlor (Pembroke), Helen Cusack (Loreto), Gillian Garrett (Alex), Angie Boran (Botanic), Mairead Lyons (TRR), Caroline Sharkey (Loreto). Coach: Stu Malcolm Manager: Nickey Cullen

Leinster Ladies O45s: Sinead Guilfoyle GK (Pembroke), Orla Galvin (Alex), Linda Jenkinson (Loreto), Helen Johnston (Railway), Maura O’Neill (Three Rock Rovers), Jane Salter (Glenanne), Roly Burke (Hermes), Carol Ann Byrne (Loreto), Alison Pigot (Pembroke), Marian O’Brien (Swords), Orla Bell (Pembroke), Bronwyn O’Donnell (Loreto), Dee Mooney (Loreto), Joanne O’Grady (Suttonians), Maureen Flavin (Hermes). Coach: Ross Canning.

Tournament schedule (all at Grange Road)
Front pitch:
Leinster ladies O-40s vs Ulster, 7.15pm Leinster men’s O-40s vs Ulster 8.30pm
Back pitch: Leinster Women’s O-45s vs Ulster, 7.15pm
Pasta and social event: clubhouse

Front pitch:
Connacht men’s O-45s vs Munster, 9am; Leinster men’s O-55s vs Ulster, 10.15am; Leinster men’s O-50s vs Ulster, 11.30am; Ulster men’s O-45s vs ExPats, 12.45pm; Ulster men’s O-55s vs Munster/Exiles, 3pm; Leinster men’s O-40s vs Munster, 3.15pm; Connacht men’s O-45s vs ExPats, 4.30pm; Munster/Exiles O-50s vs Leinster, 5.45pm
Back pitch: Leinster ladies O-40s vs Connacht, 9am; Leinster ladies O-45s vs Munster, 10.15am; Munster men O-40s vs Ulster, 11.30am; Ulster ladies O-40s vs Connacht, 12.45pm; Ulster ladies O-45s vs Munster, 2pm; Munster men’s O-45s vs Ulster, 3.15pm; Ulster ladies O-40s vs Leinster, 4.30pm; Ulster ladies O-45s vs Leinster, 5.45pm
Tournament supper: 7.30pm (clubhouse)

Front pitch:
Connacht ladies O-40s vs Ulster, 9am; Munster ladies O-45s vs Ulster, 10.15am; Connacht men’s O-45s vs Ulster, 11.30am; Connacht ladies O-40s vs Leinster, 12.45pm; Leinster ladies O-45s vs Munster, 2pm; Ulster men’s O-40s vs Leinster, 3.15pm
Back pitch: Ulster men’s O-40s vs Munster, 9am; Munster men’s O-45s vs Expats, 10.15am; Ulster men’s O-50s vs Munster/Exiles, 11.30am; Munster men’s O-40s vs Leinster, 12.45pm; Munster/Exiles O-55s vs Leinster, 2pm; Ulster men’s O-45s vs Ulster O-50s (friendly), 3.15pm
Prize-giving: 4.30pm

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