National Indoor Trophy groups come to conclusion

Eight women’s teams will make their seasonal National Indoor Trophy bow this weekend as group two and three compete for the playoff places.

In Group Three, Greenfields and Galway enter the fray, hoping to overhaul Glenanne who impressed in their one game before Christmas.

With queen of the boards Kate Dillon, along with Holly Jenkinson, lining out for the Tallaght club, they can make life very tough for the two western sides at the Kingfisher leisure centre.

They have a 5-1 win over the Irish Masters in the bank, putting them in pole position to start the weekend.DSC_4383

In group two, Gormanston is the venue where six sides begin their campaign with outsiders Avoca and Clontarf hoping to get the better of illustrious division one clubs like Old Alex and Hermes while Trinity and Pembroke complete the half dozen.

On the men’s side, Pembroke’s withdrawal from the competition has rendered Saturday’s tie between Suttonians and YMCA meaningless with the latter progressing from the group along with NICS and Railway Union.

Suttonians had an outside chance to leap-frog Pembroke but this window has now been shut.

In the other group, reigning champions Three Rock begin their campaign against Glenanne in Loughlinstown in a three-team group with all the sides guaranteed to progress. Clontarf are the third side to contest the group.

Group Two:
Avoca, Clontarf, Hermes, Old Alex, Pembroke, Trinity
Group Three: Galway, Glenanne, Greenfields, Masters

Saturday (Gormanston): Avoca v Hermes, 11am; Pembroke v Trinity, 11.50am; Avoca v Old Alex, 12.40pm; Hermes v Trinity, 1.30pm; Clontarf v Pembroke, 2.20pm; Old Alex v Trinity, 3.10pm; Hermes v Clontarf, 4pm

Sunday (Gormanston): Avoca v Pembroke, 11am; Clontarf v Trinity, 11.50am; Hermes v Pembroke, 12.40pm; Clontarf v Old Alex, 1.30pm; Avoca v Trinity, 2.20pm; Hermes v Old Alex, 3.10pm; Avoca v Clontarf, 4pm; Old Alex v Pembroke, 4.50pm

Kingfisher LC, NUIG Galway: Galway v Masters, 12pm; Glenanne v Greenfields, 1pm; Masters v Greenfields, 2pm; Greenfields v Galway, 3pm, Galway v Glenanne, 4pm

Men’s (all at Loughlinstown)
YMCA v Suttonians, 4.05pm
Sunday: TRR vs Glenanne, 2.15pm; Clontarf vs Glenanne, 3.10pm; Clontarf vs TRR, 4.05pm

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