Men’s Masters release panels for World Cup

** Words from Mark Brown
The Ireland Men’s Hockey Masters are sending three teams to the World Cup tournament in Canterbury, England from August 18-25. Following the success of the inaugural master’s Interpros at Lisnagarvey earlier this year, the squads reflect an All-Ireland feel with teams comprising of players from the four provinces of Ireland.

New players selected for the Over 40s, 45s and 50s made their debut at the Home Internationals in Edinburgh in June of this year and quickly gelled together with their new teammates.

This bodes well for the short trip to Canterbury and there is a real buzz within the squads with all looking forward to taking on teams from around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, USA and Spain, and making new friends.

The Masters men are no strangers to the World Cup stage having sent teams to Hong Kong in 2009, Singapore in October 2011, and proudly carried the flag both on and off the pitch making many friends with their style of hockey, socialising and of course that world famous Irish craic.

Manager and coach, Jamie Millar, hopes all the hard work and training that all the players have put in over the last couple of months will pay off and provide some big results.

O-40s Squad: Davy Bolas (Lisnagarvey), George Blackwell (Limerick), Mark Brown(GK Ballynahinch), Robert Carter (Three Rock Rovers), Paul Fitzpatrick(Capt, Glenanne), Leslie Harrison (Ballynahinch), Grant Hayes (Ballynahinch), Jason Hill (Mossley), Stephen Magee (North Down), Ross McMullen (Clontarf), Ivan Moore (Catholic Institute), Clinton Murphy (Glenanne), Matt O’Sullivan (Bournemouth), Michael Pobloth (Kilkeel), Jonathan Smyth (Clontarf), Gregg Sterrit (Annadale) Ian Stuart (Monkstown), John Wallace (Catholic Institute)

O-45s Squad: Bruce Agnew (Lisnagarvey),Martin Collins (Old Georgians HC), Dara Crowe (Catholic Institute), Michael Millar (Cookstown), Mark Murray (Capt, Lisnagarvey), Neil Murray (Leicester), Andy Nye (Lisnagarvey), Lawrence Patterson (Ballynahinch), Nicholas Pheifer (Suttonians), Rupert Pinion (Lisnagarvey), Peter Priestly (Pembroke), William Quinn (Kilkeel), Ali Reilly (Antrim), Martin Rodgers (Kilkeel), Derek Squire (Three Rock Rovers), Mark Stockil (Ashton), Philip Thomas (Cambellians), Herbie Todd (Mossley), Martin White (GK-Galway)
Manager/Coach: Jamie Millar (Lisnagarvey)
Umpire: Jamie Aiken (Lisnagarvey)

O-50s: Tim Hogg (GK, Instonians), Crawford McKee (Chelmsford), David Woods (Chelmsford), Cedric Christie (Three Rock Rovers), Mervyn McCaigue (Newry), Gerry Hamill (Mossley), Sean Curran (Teddington), Stuart Egner (Cork H), Peter Chadwick, Kieran McGoldrick (Capt, Larne), Tim Myer, Andy Barlow (Bristol), Ollie O’Connor (Cork Institute) John McCann, Fergus Stapleton (Reading)

O-40s – Sunday, August 19, 4.50pm:
vs England; Monday, August 20: vs South Africa, 8.30am; vs Wales, 6.30pm; Tuesday, August 21: vs Australia, 5.05pm

O-45s – Sunday, August 19: vs USA, 10.10am; Monday, August 20: vs Spain, 10.25am; vs England, 5.05pm; Tuesday, August 21: vs Australia, 3.25pm

O-50s – Sunday, August 19: vs England, 8.30am; vs Australia, 6.45pm; Monday, August 20: vs Scotland, 6.45pm

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