Irish Masters take on Home Nations

The Irish Women’s Masters will contest the women’s home nations tournament in Edinburgh this weekend.

For the first time, Ireland are sending two teams – an Over-40s team and an Over-45s team. The majority of the players are from Leinster, although there are some Ulster inclusions including ex-international goalkeeper Alison Vance from Portadown.

There is interest from Munster and Connacht but unfortunately none of the players were available for this competition.

Coaches, Ben Epstein and Stu Malcolm have been preparing the teams since April, and we are very much looking forward to the competition. Weston’s Carol Harrison, meanwhile, is playing on the Welsh team.

Irish O40s: Alison Vance GK (Portadown), Julie Bell (Belfast Harlequins), Paula O’Donoghue (Loreto), Ailish Langan (Avoca), Ciara Hughes (Pembroke), Brenda Barrett (Old Alex), Edwina Mulcahy (Pembroke), Emma Meir – Captain (Avoca), Hilary Long (Avoca), Mairead Lyons (Three Rock Ladies), Aisling Schutte (Pembroke), Helen Durcan (Navan), Caroline Sharkey (Loreto), Carmel Gernon (Old Alex), Noreen Dockery (Old Alex), Noreen O’Riordan (Loreto). Manager: Nikkey Cullen (Avoca)

Irish O45s: Helen Roche GK (Railway), Alison Pigot – Captain (Pembroke), Bromwyn O’Donell (Loreto), Helen Johnston (Railway), Linda Jenkinson (Loreto), Maura O’Neill (Three Rock Ladies), Jane Salter (Glenanne), Sue Vincent (Loreto), Clare Ryan (Navan), Annie Lawlor (Pembroke), Joanne O’Grady (Suttonians), Marion O’Brien (Swords), Judith Hayward (Pembroke), Pat Stewart (Grosvenor), Orla Galvin (Old Alex), Dee Mooney – Player/Manager (Loreto).
Coaches: Ben Epstein and Stu Malcolm

Match schedule:
Friday, June 15:
6.30pm Ireland O45s v Wales O45s; 7pm Ireland O40s v Wales O40s
Saturday, June 16: 12.00 Ireland O45s v England O45s; 1.30pm Ireland O40s v England O40s
Sunday, June 17: 9.30am Ireland O40s v Scotland O40s; 11.00am Ireland O45s v Scotland O45s.

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