Piccioli steps down from EDO role

Lucas Piccioli, the IHA’s Eastern Development Officer, has today announced that he will step down from his post after four and a half years.

Speaking about the news, IHA Chief Executive Angus Kirkland said: “Lucas has been a very valuable employee of the Irish Hockey Association. He has worked tirelessly in developing the sport at the grassroots level in the Leinster and South East region, achieving some notable results. Lucas will be missed by all who have had the pleasure to work with him and we wish him well in his future career.”

During his tenure, Piccioli – who was also player-coach of Corinthian this season – supported the creation of five new underage club structures within Leinster and the Southeast.

Today, those five structures cater for 516 players. The girls’ participation numbers are growing in a steady fashion in Leinster, going from an increase of nearly 6pc between 2009 and 2010 to almost 14pc between 2010 and 2011.

On the boys club side, alarm bells went off in 2010 when a decrease of almost 12pc was reflected in the annual club survey.

That trend was turned around in 2011 when the boys numbers increased to reflect a growth of almost 13pc (the highest number tracked since the participation survey started in 2009).

Piccioli was also responsible for establishing the Transition Year Programme and the Youth Leader Programme in Leinster which has seen more than 350 boys and girls go through these programmes.

Fiona Mills, Strategic Development Director, was also keen to recognise the contribution Piccioli made, saying: “Lucas has been a real asset to the IHA throughout his four years and will most definitely be missed.

“As the first Regional Development Officer appointed for Leinster, Lucas very much made the role his own, building a close working relationship with the clubs and branches.

“The growth in boys and girls hockey during his tenure is testament to his hard work and dedication to hockey in Leinster. I would like to wish Lucas and his family the very best of luck for the future.”

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