Orbana Healthy Energy – Benefits for Hockey Players

There is nothing in the sports drink market quite like Orbana Healthy Energy. Traditional sports drinks are often loaded with caffeine, sweeteners, artificial colours and preservatives, leading to a synthetic taste and energy spikes and crashes. Orbana was created with a unique blend of ingredients. It’s ideally suited to any sport where endurance or fast recovery is required. Every nutritional ingredient in Orbana was added for a specific reason which relates to the production of energy in the body.

Because of these diverse ingredients players can derive benefit from fuelling with Orbana at almost any stage of training and competition: use it before training to improve quality of work, use it before matches to improve performance and after both to aid your recovery and re-energise you for other activities. With Orbana there is less need to take more sports drink during matches as the energy release is longer but you can still benefit further from having a bottle at the side-lines to sip away at during breaks in the game.

Used by Premier League football and rugby teams as well as national sides, amateur and professional sports teams alike, they are benefitting from adding Orbana to their nutrition plan.

Here are different scenarios covering the specific needs of hockey players around training, match and tournament weekends.

Before Training:
If you are like most hockey players, you are probably making your way to training straight after work, college or school. If possible, you should have eaten your main meal of the day at lunch about four hours before training. Ensure you get a mixture of complex carbohydrates and lean proteins with this meal and add in another light snack about one hour before training while also making sure you’re properly hydrated throughout the day.

Sometimes circumstances don’t allow us to prepare nutritionally as well as we should and low energy and decreased concentration levels during training are the result.

Orbana contains a few simple sugars (fructose and dextrose) which give you an initial energy boost and then shortly afterwards your body starts to process its main ingredients, a blend of complex carbohydrates (maltodextrin) providing the sustained energy boost providing you with up to two hours of energy before it gently brings you back down again. Users can be confident knowing there is no energy spiking and crashing with Orbana. It is similar to climbing up a steep wave then riding it for a while before a soft landing back down.

Drink one sachet of Orbana in 250ml of water 15-20mins before training.

During Training:
If you’re doing a long session (2 hours plus) or train in very warm conditions (stick work and physical training, gym, indoor etc.) mix an additional sachet with 600ml of water to sip throughout your session as required (roughly every 15 minutes as play allows).

After Training:
If you have had a particularly hard session, you will have lost a lot of salts and your muscle’s sugar reserves will be depleted. Depending on conditions and exertion levels, a person can lose up to 3kg bodyweight from perspiration during physical activity.

Drinking a sachet of Orbana within the first 20-30 minutes after training will allow you to start muscle recovery faster. Here, you can feel free to mix as much water as you require with your Orbana. It should be your first priority to rehydrate as soon as possible after training while also replenishing energy stores.

You should also eat a small snack in the car or bus on the way home (e.g. banana, yoghurt or cereal bar). Keep hydrating and eat your evening meal within the all important two hour window.

Match Day (30min warm-up + 60/70mins match + 15min cool down):
This is where Orbana really shines. We recommend taking Orbana five minutes before you start your warm-up routine: during pre-match team talk is ideal. Be more precise with your water measurements, taking one sachet in the recommended amount of water 250ml. This is enough liquid for your stomach to digest without causing stitch or stomach discomfort.

Hockey players are expected to perform a number of sprints throughout a match while jogging or running the remaining time. Creatine, one of Orbana’s constituent amino acids, is a key fuel for short powerful muscle contractions and will allow you to sprint more and sprint harder during your matches.

For the mental side of the game, the concentrated blend of B vitamins aids focus and concentration. This is noticeable towards the end of a game where fatigue usually leads to a lapse in concentration and mistakes can be made on the pitch. It goes without saying that developing your endurance properly goes hand in hand with achieving a virtually tireless mind and body.

During match (60/70mins~):
One sachet before your match is enough to provide you with up to two hours of sustained energy. If conditions are particularly warm and you are sweating excessively then mixing another sachet in a full water bottle and sipping as required to quench your thirst and replace depleting electrolyte levels  to prevent cramping will obviously be beneficial. You are more likely to take on fluids if they are palatable. The feedback from users of Orbana has highlighted its great taste as well as its thirst quenching factor.

Post-match / Post training:
Because Orbana contains Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) it can be used as an aggressive recovery drink for your muscles post exercise, often leading to less muscle soreness the following day. The amino acids are quickly absorbed and will have maximum effect if taken within 20 minutes of stopping exercise. Mix a serving with 250ml of water for muscle recovery and replacing lost fluids and salts.

Tournaments / Double match weekends:
Preparation for a multiple match weekend starts early in the week. With some teams playing up to three games or more over a weekend you need to have high energy reserves going into the weekend and then maintain energy and good muscle condition over the weekend. Make sure you have thought about your recovery strategy well in advance.

After your last training session during the week leading up to the tournament, take a sachet of Orbana to promote recovery as soon as possible heading into the weekend. Take a sachet before each match and another with 250ml of water afterwards to promote an aggressive recovery strategy between matches. Rest and nutrition are the key areas you should be focusing on during your down time so fill your stick bag with lots of healthy snacks and ice any acute swelling or inflammation in muscles and joints. For normal muscle soreness don’t allow your muscles to get too stiff: hot baths, easy walking, easy strides (sprints) and gentle stretching works wonders for keeping you nimble.

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