Tallaght teach Teachers silver Business lesson

Business Houses Final: Tallaght Hospital 2 Teachers 1, on silver goal extra time – words from Brendan Carr
Hugh Brady arrived in Pembroke Wanderers just two minutes before the start of the Business Houses Mixed Hockey final. He was togged out ready to go. He had blood streaming from his right elbow the result of a smack of a hurl in training with Na Fianna earlier in the evening. A little over an hour later he crashed home the winning score for a silver goal extra time win for Tallaght Hospital over the Primary School Teachers.

Tim Lyne playing at sweeper and Jimmy Daly in charge on the bench bridged a twenty one year gap back to 1990 when they both played on the Meath Hospital team that won the then Business Houses Cup. Tim the one time Leinster senior manager was the only pensioner playing in the competition this year.

Some people are great at mixed hockey while some top class hockey players never really get to grips with this form of the game. Niamh Byrne is a case in point, she ploys her trade on Saturdays in Division Ten. However, in mixed matches she is usually one of the most effective players on the park; reputations count for nothing with Niamh. She operates a simple motto ‘Thou shalt not pass’.

Tallaght were first out of the blocks and in the seventh minute Killian O’Neill found Zane Cashman, with a sweet forty yard pass, lurking just inside the circle. Cool as a cucumber he slipped the ball past the advancing keeper.

Teachers took a while to settle but late in the half a cross from the right was finished to the net by the alert Jenny Ingram.

Half time arrived; it was 1-1 after an even first half. Both teams had good chances to score but sound goalkeeping and good tackling kept most efforts out. Aisling Dolan, David McGivern and Mark Egner were prominent in many moves.

From the start of the second half Teachers exerted strong pressure. A Rob Abbott pile driver was saved by Susan Byrne in goal. Susan was to the rescue with a number of short corner saves and then three fine saves from play all contributed to her ‘player of the match’ performance. Somehow Tallaght held out. The final whistle arrived and it was still 1-1.

Then enter Brady; he rounded Rob Devlin and got in a great reverse stick shot which flew inches over Mervyn McDowell’s crossbar. But when Zane Cashman centred following a long corner move he found the net.

Teachers piled on the pressure. Tim Lyne deliberately put the ball over the end line. Two corners followed in quick succession; no way through; then a third corner and the half time whistle Teachers had the whole team around the circle but Tallaght held out and secured victory on the silver goal rule.

Afterwards the organising committee had a little soiree in the bar with sandwiches, chicken wings and bangers. A speech was delivered by David McGivern the teachers’ captain and Victoria Jones, the victorious Tallaght captain. Noel Kennedy, the famous alickadoo from St James Gate, presented medals to the winners.

Umpires Linda Ingram and Paul Kennedy kept the hurlers on the ditch in conversation for the entire game!! Ah no not at all; they did a great job and not a single decision was contested. The video umpire was idle all evening.

Next year we are hoping for more teams, more non hockey players taking part and of course more volunteers

Teachers (club/sporting background): Nessa Farrell (Dalkey), Christine Turner (Dalkey), Leona Martley (Dalkey), Hazel Greene (Dalkey), David McGivern (Captain, Railway Union), Rob Abbott (Railway Union), Maeve McPhillips (Railway Union), Rob Devlin (Railway Union), Mark Egner (Railway Union), Elliott Hughes (Clontarf), Anna Trainer (Ex UCD), Joanne Dunne (Ex Dalkey), Helen Kingston (Badminton), Mervyn McDowell (Railway Union), Jenny Ingram (Railway Union), Aisling Dolan (Our Lady’s), Tanya McArthur (Railway Union), Kimberly Jacobs (Tennis), Briana Clear (Tag)

Tallaght Hospital: Elaine Hughes (Monkstown), Tim Lyne (Glenanne), Niamh Byrne (Glenanne), Susan Byrne (Glenanne), Clive Kennedy (Glenanne), Zane Cashman (Glenanne), Claire Trotter (School/Indoor hockey IHA), Aoife Brady (Fingal-Malahide), Cathy Monteith (Ex Omagh), Laura Keegan (Ex Loreto/Indoor hockey IHA), Pat Fleming (Old Alex follower), James Carr (Gaelic football), Meliosa Moran (Badminton), Victoria Jones (Captain, Diocesan), Hugh Brady (Hurling, Na Fianna), Cillian O’Neill (Glenanne), Paul Reddy (Glenanne), Aisling Brennan (Diocesan)
Manager: Jimmy Daly, Glenanne and Leinster

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