Leinster men’s early season fixtures released

The Leinster men’s domestic season will tip off on September 17 with divisions 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 all getting underway following the release of the early season programme on Monday.

The fixtures for September and October have been initially been released as per usual with the remainder to follow in due course. The IHA timetable – including the Irish Senior Cup and Irish Hockey League – however will not be finalised fully until November when it will be known which Olympic qualifier, if any, Ireland will be heading to.

Belgium, Japan and India in the spring are the current options subject to continental qualifiers which could see some re-jigging to the national calendar but the first round of the Senior Cup will go ahead in the first week of October with IHL round one following a week later.

Glenanne begin their title defence against Clontarf on their return to division one while the Marlay derby between Corinthian and Three Rock looks an initial highlight on day one.

The Neville Cup is down to be played on the Sunday of week one with three all division one ties opening the competition, notably holders Monkstown against Pembroke.

Mullingar and Portrane are two notable inclusions in this competition having stepped up from division 4 to 2. The second tier gets underway a week later on September 24 with the Westmeath side playing their very first fixture at this level in a league which has been bolstered up to eight teams for 2011/12.

Going down the leagues, division 3 remains as per last term but division 4 welcomes back Corinthian III, Suttonians II and Weston II while St Brendan’s/Phoenix Park drop down.

Div 5 sees Skerries continue their rise back up through the leagues having bossed the sixth tier last time round while Rathgar II come up from division 8, a relocation based on their impressive if ultimately registration-scuppered run in that league.

Twelve teams will contest division six, Kilkenny II, Mullingar II and Athy’s second successive promotion adding to the table.
Division 7 sees the introduction of Portrane II; Bray’s first team will play in this league after their mid-season withdrawal in 2010/11 while Wicklow and Smithfield have stepped up as the promoted sides from division 8.

Men’s League structure:
Division 1:
Monkstown, Railway Union, YMCA, UCD, Corinthian, Three Rock Rovers, Clontarf, Glenanne, Fingal, Pembroke Wanderers
Division 2: Portrane, Weston, Navan, Avoca, Rathgar, Suttonians, Dublin University, Mullingar
Division 3: Monkstown II, Railway Union II, YMCA II, UCD II, Corinthian II, Three Rock Rovers II, Dublin University II, Glenanne II, Fingal II, Pembroke Wanderers II
Division 4: Clontarf II, Pembroke Wanderers III, Suttonians II, Kilkenny, Railway Union III, Naas, Glenanne III, Corinthian III, Monkstown III, Weston II
Division 5: Pembroke Wanderers IV, YMCA III, Avoca II, Skerries, St James Gate, Monkstown IV, Rathgar II, St Brendan’s/Phoenix Park, North Kildare, Three Rock Rovers III
Division 6: Glenanne IV, Corinthian IV, Dublin University III, Navan II, Three Rock Rovers IV, Mullingar II, Athy, YMCA IV, Kilkenny II, Fingal III, Pembroke Wanderers V, Monkstown V
Division 7: Bray, Portrane II, Wicklow, Weston III, Railway Union IV, Avoca III, St Brendans/Phoenix Park II, Smithfield, UCD III, Corinthian V
Division 8: Bray II, Three Rock Rovers V, Pembroke Wanderers VII, Pembroke Wanderers VI, Fingal IV, St James Gate II, Clontarf III, Dublin University IV

Early season Leinster Men’s Division One/Two fixtures:
September 17 (Week One)
Division 1:
Monkstown vs Railway Union; YMCA vs UCD; Corinthian vs Three Rock Rovers; Clontarf vs Glenanne; Fingal vs Pembroke Wanderers

September 18
Neville Cup Round 1:
Mullingar v Weston; Monkstown v Pembroke Wanderers; Glenanne v Corinthian; Avoca v Railway Union; Fingal v YMCA; Portrane v Clontarf

September 24 (Week Two)
Division 1:
Railway Union vs YMCA; UCD vs Clontarf; Three Rock Rovers vs Monkstown; Glenanne vs Fingal; Pembroke Wanderers vs Corinthian
Division 2: Portrane vs Weston; Navan vs Avoca; Rathgar vs Suttonians; Dublin University vs Mullingar

Sunday, September 25
Division 1:
Glenanne vs Corinthian; Clontarf vs Fingal; Pembroke Wanderers vs Monkstown; Railway Union vs UCD; Three Rock Rovers vs YMCA

October 1 (Week Three)
Division 1:
UCD vs Monkstown; YMCA vs Clontarf; Railway Union vs Corinthian; Pembroke Wanderers vs Glenanne; Three Rock Rovers vs Fingal
Division 2: Weston vs Navan; Avoca vs Rathgar; Suttonians vs Dublin University; Mullingar vs Portrane

October 8 (Week four)
Irish Senior Cup – round one

Division 2: Avoca vs Weston; Suttonians vs Navan; Mullingar vs Rathgar; Dublin University vs Portrane

October 15 (Week five)
Irish Hockey League – round one

Division 2: Portrane vs Avoca; Weston vs Suttonians; Navan vs Mullingar; Rathgar vs Dublin University

October 22 (Week six)
Division 1:
Corinthian vs UCD; Monkstown vs YMCA; Fingal vs Railway Union; Clontarf vs Pembroke Wanderers; Glenanne vs Three Rock Rovers
Division 2: Suttonians vs Avoca; Mullingar vs Weston; Dublin University vs Navan; Rathgar vs Portrane

Sunday, October 23
Neville Cup Round 2

October 29 (Week seven)
Irish Hockey League – round two

Men's Leinster Senior Div 1