• Altaf Sabir

    Are you showing Ireland-Pakistan live tonight and at what time CET please?

  • JB

    Guys, thanks very much for streaming the games. Wish I’d found it earlier. Great camera work and quality.

  • loco

    can we see france china?

  • Dave

    Great service but are we getting today’s men’s games I especially wanted to see the France China game.

  • Bibi

    Hey, why the match France – China is not there?


  • astrid

    I cannot see the streaming! and I do not have a sound either! It keeps having the Live Logo with the loading image! (The Netherlands)

  • Dino

    @md thanks – brilliant news … and a great app. thanks – and thanks for the coverage. fantastic!

  • Hammad

    What was the China-France score? I could see no live streaming at the time mentioned.

  • Nadir

    i could listen to the pitch audio fine. there is no running commentary from my understanding. Checking the setting for flash player might help you resolve this issue. cheers mate

    Nadir – Sydney

  • Earl

    Where can I get the matches I missed? Please help. Great job Steven!!!

  • Sean

    Hi to all of those who replied to my “MOANING”
    My SINCERE apologies to you, Steve.I was not fully aware of all the issues and that you did this in your private time. I will be watching today again and if no sound, i will shut up and enjoy what you are sending us. Sorry and THANKS

  • Fairplay

    Fairlplay Sean its not often people online acknowledge a mistake and apologise for it

  • Dino

    is it possible to clean the rain off the camera? thanks so much for the coverage – a great job!

  • Zahid

    Pak VS Ireland will it be streamed and what time?

  • Mishanee

    umm…. why isnt it broadcasting?!

  • paul

    is there coverage tonight?

  • Hammad

    Cannot see the streaming of the match?

  • Badal

    Hi! Is you net down??


  • AG

    Hi all,

    Steve is away tonight due to a personal commitment; I’m not sure of the full details but it seems the inclement weather at UCD has caused the live stream to go down.

    Those looking for live updates on the Ireland v Pakistan can find them at http://www.twitter.com/hookhockey and also http://www.twitter.com/irishhockey

  • Ruthymc

    Just confirmed that streaming will NOT be back up for the 2nd half. Follow us on twitter for real time updates twitter.com/hookhockey

  • haris

    no streming of pk irelnd mtch??????

  • Farhan

    So who is in the Final then?

  • AG

    Tonight: Pakistan 2 (A Waseem, S Abbas) Ireland 1 (M Watt)

    Final: Ireland v Pakistan, Saturday, 8pm.

  • Haris

    there was no broadcasting during Pakistan vs Ireland match why is so?

  • AG


    As explained above, the live stream went down due to the prolonged heavy rain at the venue. Very unfortunate that it happened but there’s not a lot can be done about the Irish weather sadly.

  • KE

    do you guys have a way for us to view the games after the game is over. I have to work on Saturday during semi-final game and would love to see it afterwards if available. Let me know.


  • Nadir

    Followed last match on twitter. Guys no wonder you have done a great job. I can appreciate the reasons for not streaming live last night. Twitter updates were frequent and kept coming all the time.

    Fingures crossed for tonight’s final. Go team Pakistan.

    Nadir – Sydney

  • Shaheryar

    the final match broad cast will be available or no. because again bad weather is predicted. Don’t you have umbrella for your camera’s.

  • Stephen Findlater

    @KE – I am looking into our re-broadcast options at the moment and will hopefully have this available but not sure whether I’ll be able to get it up and running before next week.

  • Richard

    Fantastic coverage. Many thanks from the USA.

  • Nadir

    Thanks million for the entire coverage of 4 nations. much appreciated.

  • Shaheryar

    thank you for the live coverage, i loved watching that. Well done Sohail Abbas,

  • Hammad

    great coverage guys…keep it up! great final game.

  • Manna

    Bundle of Thanks for live coverage. Congratulation Pakistan.

  • M. Peremateu

    The games can be seen in one site after the competition?

  • Sean

    Fantastic coverage. Well done

  • Alison

    Thanks for the live coverage, much appreciated!

  • Rodrigo

    Hi from amsterdam!.. Stephen.. you are the best!!!. I can see very well from the champion trophy!.. a hug!

  • Marina

    I really enjoyed watching the live games. Thank you so much for your dedication and effort. ~USA

  • Louise

    I would like to watch the live games but could not get access to it in China.

  • warwick

    steve, struggling to get the stream is it ok?


  • waz

    is the live stream ok? cant get through

  • Stephen Findlater

    @waz – to get the stream, go to http://www.hockey.ie/olympic_livestream.cfm – will cost about $15 for the tournament; the IHA are running it this time so they should be able to help with any questions

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