Campo make weakened Pembroke pay

EuroHockey League, KO16
Pembroke 0 Club de Campo 11 (Edi Tubau 2, Victor Sojo 2, Eric-Jan Iding 2, Cesar Sauquillo 2, Koke Rodriguez, Juan Fernandez, Juan Lainz)

Pembroke’s much changed and under strength panel from the group stages were well and truly cut apart by a ruthless Club de Campo who made it a sorry day for the Ballsbridge club in Europe.

It did not start too badly, Craig Wilson chopped down in the third minute for a corner – indeed it might have been a decent shout for a stroke. The push-out was off target, a refrain echoed later on in the game and that chance was gone.

Simon Thornton saved well twice, once to acrobatically block a potential own goal as Karl Lynch miscued a stop, while Willy Schickendantz flung a drag-flick over the bar.

But the rot started in the tenth minute when Campo intercepted on the left sideline and Eric-Jan Iding and Koke Rodriguez pulled off a simple exchange for the latter to slide into the open goal.

Kirk Shimmins – the 16 year-old Pembroke’s leading light on the day – slipped a fine pass through to Maurice Elliott who had his bash well-blocked.

From there, though, the tie went pear-shaped for the Dubliners. Juan Fernandez made it 2-0 and within a minute Victor Sojo had his first, clipping home on the reverse.

Juan Lainz finished off early in the second quarter from a baseline flip and Tubau got the fifth in the 22nd minute.

Adam Pritchard’s brave intercept snuffed out a three-on-two while Alan Giles won a second Pembroke corner, producing their best opening as Schickendantz took Ronan Flannery’s drag off the line.

But it was a half-dozen by the break when Cesar Sauquillo finished off another close range effort as Tubau eased his way into the circle to roll the ball into Sauquillo’s path.

The Spaniards did rotate their bench, often making quintuple substitutions and later swapping their goalkeepers, but it did not reduce their intensity up front by much.

Iding deflected from near the top while Tubau reversed into an open goal for 8-0 before Thornton dramatically pushed one onto the bar. Flannery took a drag off the line while Shimmins was ploughing some useful channels down the left wing to earn another Pembroke corner. From the reset, the Wesley schoolboy volleyed onto the outside of the post prior to the three quarter-time whistle.

Sauquillo bobbled in another while Pembroke briefly got back on terms, albeit due to a scoreboard which did not run to double-figures, when Sojo hit the tenth with seven minutes to go. Iding got his second for eleven and the biggest win at this stage of the competition in the EHL’s brief history.

Pembroke: Simon Thornton, Ronan Flannery, Alan Giles (c), Karl Lynch, Maurice Elliott, Ken Treacy, Craig Wilson, Michael O’Connor, Adam Pritchard, Patrick Good, Mairtin Cronin
Subs: Keith Crawford, Kirk Shimmins, Scott Furlong, Eric Foy

Club de Campo: Xavi Trenchs, Ronan Gormley, Bosco Perez-Pla (c), Juan Lainz, Koke Rodriguez, Cesar Sauquillo, Juan Fernandez, Andrew Mir, Edi Tubau, Willy Schickendantz, Oli Markowsky
Subs: Pablo Marin, Victor Sojo, Gonzalo Lasso, Eduardo Aguilar, Eric-Jan Iding, Nuno Perez-Pla, Borja Zumalacarregui

** Photos with thanks to Frank Uijlenbroek, video with permission from Tom Cooper, Push Hockey Magazine

14 thoughts on “Campo make weakened Pembroke pay

  1. This is what happens when you focus on the short term gain of bringing in overseas players against putting focus on player development within your own club.You end up without the overseas players for the business end of the season and having to throw inexperienced players in at the deep end, having not played much hockey at that level previously.Ultimately, Pembroke weren’t weakened.This is just a fairer reflection of the squad available to them.

  2. “player development” ????? why would they bother when they can just get them from other clubs!

  3. Yeah Pembroke should have just crashed out in the group stage. How dare they have played the best players available to them in the previous round.

    Just in case you missed it that was sarcasm

    How can you acuse Pembroke of not focusing on player development when in the last week a home grown player has made his full ireland debut and a 16 year old kid was there best player in the EHL

  4. Confused.

    Pembroke have a well established colts section. With this years Under 16’s winning the league and runners up in the cup.

    The majority of that team have been with the club since Under 12’s, Under 14’s.
    Two of which were included in the squad yesterday.

    The rest are scattered between 2nd’s and 3rd’s.

    How can you accuse Pembroke of not developing players. losing 6 international players will have a effect on any club team.

    I am sick of hearing this dont bring in foreign players lark.

    1. Young players can learn from players who come in.

    2. Improves the standard of hockey in Ireland.

  5. You are a bit confused mate, were you shouting last year that Pembroke weren’t bringing through their youngsters and what not when they were winning?

    As you said it’s a long term thing and from time to time in a club they won’t have the pick of the players coming through but clubs and not just Pembroke get through it. Pembroke had a fantastic squad and season last year and they were significantly weakened, how over a summer are you supposed to concentrate on colts and bring through an EHL standard player…?

    You can’t or if you do you’re extremely lucky, so what are your options. give up or poach players from clubs in your area? I think people would be a lot of more angry with the latter and even the former, so for Pembroke to compete they did their best. they targeted their weakness and brought in top quality players and if you follow it you will see all EHL clubs do it as well, and these clubs aren’t wrong but it’s necessary to compete at that level.

    Also, bit disrespectful of their youth system on the day that a 16 year old was their best player (according to Findo) also can’t forget about Alan Southern? don’t think he’s too old to forget about as another top quality player as opposed to a good Div 1 player to be brought through recently. quit moaning because they are a big club and have the attraction that other clubs don’t have to bring in foreigners of a high quality.

    Div 2 player

  6. I do feel for Pembroke, like I do for teams in Div 1 that have been on the end of similar whoopin’s from Pembroke themselves. It’s got to be embarrassing, particularly after the performance the Glens lads put in later in the day.

    Head up fellas.

  7. Re Clarity. Because they just got chinned 11-0. It’s an old debate but makes no sense to bring players in short term who are taking the places of other home grown players within the club. Please tell me you are basing “player development” on more than 1 cap handed out and a kid who played in a game where he had nothing to lose and ended up on the wrong end of a thumping.Seriously….Oh yes, by the way, I did spot your sarcasm.

  8. Just to clarify….3 home grown Pembroke Players made their debut….Flannery, Loughrey, Carson.

    The Pembroke bashing is pretty small minded and surprised that it is let go on when so much is prohibited on this site.

  9. Hockeystarlet –

    In the past 5/6 years Pembroke have produced 6 homegrown internationals (Gormley, Lewis, Sothern, Giles, Flannery, Loughrey). 2 other players received their first caps playing for Pembroke (Conor and David Harte) and developed considerably in their 4 years at the club. Davy Carson, another recent international, played at Pembroke until he was 16/17 – again the club could take considerable credit for his development.

    The club has faced a number of challenges this year, not because there has been a mass exodus of foreigners (Fulton the only foreigner in last years squad), but because Pembroke has been so successful at developing players that they are now playing for top teams around Europe. Added to that they have had to cope without all of last year’s coaching staff and 4 most experienced players (Nidge, Sherriff, Kelly, G Elliott).

    Fortunately Pembroke has been so successful at developing players (as shown by their domination of the IJC over the last few years) that they were able to bring in a whole new squad of homegrown players and still qualify for the IHL playoffs. This idea that Pembroke’s success has been built on poaching players is complete fallacy. In that 5-year period, only McConnell (to the best of my knowledge) has moved to Pembroke from another Leinster club (and that was at the very end of Pembroke’s success) but a number of players have gone in the other direction. Instead the club has invested heavily in world-class facilities and to bring in the top coaches – all in the name of player development.

    Despite all the evidence to the contrary I suspect Pembroke will continue to be accused of this so long as they are successful, while other clubs will claim the moral high ground despite adopting the sort of policies Pembroke are vilified for.

  10. re: confused

    I think people are basing “player development” on the 350+ caps (?) that have been achieved by young Pembroke players over the last 4/5 years. Or they may be referring to the success of those players in competitions over that period? Perhaps it’s the demand for their young players around Europe that has seen homegrown Pembroke players competing in the top leagues in England, Holland, Spain and Germany this year? Maybe they will point to the development of a different group of players this year and how well they have acquitted themselves in reaching the second round in Europe and still challenging in the IHL despite the challenging circumstances? Maybe its something else, but I would imagine it’s considerably more than “1 cap handed out and a kid who played in a game where he had nothing to lose and ended up on the wrong end of a thumping”.

    Yes I would agree with you that short-term solutions are not ideal, but they do make sense in certain situations. EHL standard teams are not built in a couple of weeks (new coach, new players) and bringing in players has helped Pembroke to negotiate the first round of the EHL and keep Ireland’s two positions in the competition, so important for the development of Irish club hockey. From that base they have also bought themselves some time to try and develop their team without jeopardizing Ireland hockey’s valuable second qualifier, something for which I am sure Cookstown at least are very thankful.

  11. Steady on guys, some of the people on this thread need to take a reality check. How can you accuse Pembroke of not looking after their player development when they have the strongest colts section at the minute and they take a 15 year old and a 16 year old to the EHL. I say congrats to Pembroke and well done to Kirk Shimmins. This experience will stand to them and to the club in the next few years. Glenanne are a much more settled squad this year and Pembroke did the best they could on the day and simply came up against 11 well drilled professionals.

  12. Hey. There is and has been for a long time far too much Pembroke bashing!

    Is there any chance this can be stopped.

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