Clontarf pretty in pink for Action Breast Cancer

Pink was the colour of choice for 100 Clontarf players last weekend who donned pink from head to toe to raise awareness and funds for Action Breast Cancer as they took part in the club’s annual Pink Day campaign, calling on members and supporters to ‘Think Pink!’

It saw club members abandon their traditional red and blue gear and proudly wear pink in their eight adult league games.

Each player made a donation to play in their pink kit while some re-emphasised the message through faces painted, hair sprayed and pink bows, hair accessories and laces adding to the effect.

Speaking about the event, CHC President Mary Cosgrave said: “We’re delighted with the success of Pink Day 2011. As always, it was an enjoyable day for our members and supporters.

“More importantly, however, is the statement that we’re making with Pink Day. By having over 100 players going out and playing matches in pink across Leinster, we’re sending a clear signal that it’s important to ‘Think Pink’, be breast aware and to support Action Breast Cancer, a charity which is doing such important work.

“We are calling on other clubs across the hockey and sporting communities to use their strong club ties to raise funds for charities who desperately need funding at this time. One of the greatest things about sport is the camaraderie it evokes – we are urging all local sports clubs to tap into this for charitable means by setting up a club charity day. ”

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