Old Alex – Women’s Division One preview

Last Season: 5th (3rd in IHL playoffs); IHL group stages; ISC second round; Jacqui Potter Cup winners

Coach: Miles Warren/Ivan Ovington (2nd season)

Players In: Shirley McCay (Dragons, BEL), Kate Collins-Smyth (Australia), Julie Garvey (UCD), Juliette King-Hall (Hermes), Aisling Naughton (Corinthian)
Players Out: Leah Lenehan (UCD), Liane Costello (Trinity)

Summary: Another one of the big movers in the summer, the slightly surprising capture – given the lack of IHL hockey – of Shirley McCay is a big boon for the duo of Miles Warren and Ivan Ovington.

McCay moves back to Ireland from Belgium to enrol in the CPP and is joined by a quartet of other new arrivals. Kate Collins-Smyth has returned from travelling while former Three Rock player Julie Garvey transfers via a stint with UCD.

Aisling Naughton – part of the Youth Olympic Games’ panel in Singapore – is another eye-catching move, switching from Corinthian while Leinster U-16 Juliette King-Hall has moved from Hermes.

Sarah Gleeson is another returnee while Erika Hinkson’s progression is such to see her join the panel along with schoolmate Nicola Gray.

Building on last season’s Jacqui Potter Cup win is the target with regaining an IHL place very much the primary goal. Pamela Smithwick’s elevation to the international side means Babs Luke is on ready-five to don the goalkeeper’s bib.

Roisin Flinn, though, could be a key player with plenty of international know-how to bring to the table.

Their CPP dates mean their Irish duo miss both matches with Railway and one with Hermes. How they pan out will be a defining factor.

First three games: Corinthian (a); Hermes (a); Trinity (h)

Women's Leinster Senior Div 1