Welcome to The Hook’s new home

The Hook welcomes you to the expanded version of the blog, a new online home for Leinster hockey which will endeavour to keep the spirit of the original site, carrying all the latest Leinster hockey news, reports and photos.

The site features a number of new elements to help you find your preferred content – whether it be club, school or international – in as few clicks as possible, changing from the blog format to a categorised setup. Links to the latest news from your club can be found in left column, too.

Comments can be submitted through a simpler process than in recent months on the blog, with just a personal moniker and an email (which will not show up on the site) required.

A couple of features will be added to the new site in the coming weeks. There are also increased options for advertisers so if you would like to do so or have any suggestions in the meantime, feel free to send me your ideas to stevie_findlats@yahoo.com.

A huge thanks to Gillian McAuliffe for all her help with the site. Check out her work at www.gillianmcauliffe.com.

You can also follow The Hook on twitter @hookhockey.

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