Irish women still left on standby

The Irish women’s hockey WCQ team are still standing by as the havoc wreaked by the Icelandic volcano eruption continues to block flights into and out of Ireland with Dublin airport remaining closed until 7pm today at the latest update.

The Irish players were released from their base in UCD to return to their homes as officials try to establish the earliest time that the team can depart to make the trip to Chile. Alternative routes and splitting up the delegation into smaller groups have been explored to date but with no flights out of Ireland, the first step of the process is the one causing the most problems.

The FIH (International Hockey Federation) met yesterday and are attempting to establish the earliest possible arrival dates of Ireland, Scotland and Malaysia before they can confirm whether the start date or format of the World Cup Qualifier will be altered.

Scotland, according to today’s Daily Telegraph, having been kicking their heals at their Peffermill base for the past three days with, like Ireland, Friday looking like the most likely arrival date.

At latest update, Malaysia were said to be attempting to re-route through Sydney Australia and then on to Chile with an earliest arrival date of Sunday – a day after the tournament is currently due to begin.

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