Interpros to use ‘auto-pass’ rule

The IHA announced they will implement the ‘auto-pass’ rule for the senior interprovincials in March. It follows the recent announcement by the FIH that, from May, the ruling will be introduced for all international hockey.

The Competitions Committee approved the recommendation which came from David Passmore, Gene Muller and Paul Revington following the successful integration in the Irish Hockey Leagues.

Speaking about the move, High Performance Director David Passmore said “The inclusion of the auto pass rule in the Irish Hockey League has been very well received by coaches, players and spectators alike.

“It was of no surprise that the FIH have now introduced the rule at international level from May. The inclusion of this rule at both IHL and now interpro level has been an innovative venture that will help give our players an added edge moving forward, whilst making the game faster, easier to watch and more entertaining.”

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