Annadale and Cookstown to replay full match

In a statement issued this afternoon, the IHL Administration Committee upheld the original decision, made on December 1, 2008, to rearrange the fixture between Cookstown and Annadale in its entirety.

The IHL match between the sides was originally abandoned after the umpires declared the Coolnafranky pitch unsafe to continue, with Annadale leading 4-1 at the time.

IHL organisers subsequently ordered the game to replayed in its entirety. Annadale appealed the decision, with the IHL Appeals Commission receiving both written and oral submissions from representatives of the IHL Administration Committee and Annadale HC on December 22, 2008.

As a result the Administration Commission reached the decision to uphold the original decision, based on the following points:

– Both team Managers signed the Match Report Form on November 29, 2008 accepting the match had been abandoned.
– The IHL Committee did not refer to the match being “interrupted” as defined in Guideline 2.1 of the IHL notes. However the intent was to address the matter based on the Match Report Form received, which indicated “match abandoned”.
– The interpretation of Guideline 2.1 by the Appeal Commission is that rearrangement, when impossible to resume on the same day, indicates the match be rescheduled in its entirety.

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