Irish U-16 and U-18 boys triallists named

Following last week’s interpros, 35 U-16 players and 26 U-18s have been selected to take part in trial sessions in the coming weeks for their respective Irish underage sides.

The U-16s trials, to be held at the National Stadium, UCD take place on January 11 and January 25 2009 between 10.30am and 3.30pm.

The U-18s, meanwhile, have their trials beginning in just two weeks time, with sessions on December 14 (*see below) and January 18, again in UCD between 10.30am and 3.30pm. Leinster are rewarded for their fine win in the U-16 competition with 15 of their squad invited to take part while ten of the U-18 side are selected.

Munster: Richard Sweetnam, Darren Sweetnam, Scott Sullivan, Ben Scott, Jack Robinson, Dylan Murphy (GK), Richard Lynch, Nicholas Burns
Leinster: David Watkins, Jeffrey Spillane, Tom Samuel, Mark Ryan, Stephen Nolan, David McCrea, Fiachra Maher, Shane Madeley, Jonathon Lewis, Mark Ingram (GK), Jeremy Duncan, David Cole, Ross Canning, Johnny Byrnes, Robert Burke
Ulster: Robin Smyrl, Ian Sloan, Matthew Rollins, Paul Ritchie, Conor Montgomery, Josh Moffett, Ryan Millar, Ben McMillan (GK), Owen Magee, Matthew Lecky, Neil Gilmore, Matthew Bell

Munster: Andrew Scannel, Stuart O’Grady, David Doherty, Andrew Daunt, Peter Catchpole
Leinster: Stephen West (GK), Cian Speers, Andrew Shekleton, Josh Purcell, Shane O’Donoghue, Stuart Loughrey, Daniel Gribben, Kyle Good, Stephen Cole, David Carson
Ulster: Alistair Thom (GK), Peter Purcell, Ryan McCrea, Peter MacDonnell, Stephen Hunter, Scott Forbes, Stephen Dowds, Mark Crooks, Collin Clelland, Phillip Brown, Richard Arneill
* Due to re-arranged IHL matches Under 18 Boys trials have been cancelled for the 14th December. Details of rearranged trails will be posted once confirmed.

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