Argentina name European-based selection

Argentina have announced a completely European-based squad for their pair of fixtures with Ireland this week, with players plying their trade with clubs from Holland, Belgium and Spain.

Among them, it is interesting to see Matias Cammareri (pictured) included, given his club side Rotterdam (click here to see them in action last Sunday) are set to play in the EHL in Lille next weekend, though he may only play a limited role. His brother Lucas – who plays his hockey for current Dutch fourth-place side Kampong – is also invloved.

Two of the three Vila boys who play in Holland are there too, but Rodrigo is ommitted, despite being on the mark for Den Bosch on Sunday.

The full squad is:

Lucas Cammareri (Kampong, NL), Matías Cammareri (Rotterdam, NL), Juan Martín López (Den Bosch, NL), Matías Paredes (SCHC, NL), Lucas Rey (SCHC, NL), Diego Tanuscio (HDM, NL), Lucas Vila (Tilburg, NL), Matías Vila (Tilburg, NL), Juan Manuel Vivaldi (GK)(Den Bosch, NL). Facundo Callioni (Orée, Bel), Juan Gilardi (Beerschot, Bel), Pedro Ibarra (Dragons, Bel), Lucas Rossi (Orée, Bel), Rodrigo Saliva (Victory HC, Bel), Lucas Argento (Kraft Atletico San Sebastian, Esp), Tomás Argento (Kraft Atletico San Sebastian, Esp), Ignacio Bergner (Club de Campo de Madrid, Esp), Matías Rey (Princess R.C. Polo, Esp)

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