Youtube hits the FIH

* The FIH has increased its output on YouTube with the FIH website featuring a ‘YouTube Clip of the Week’. Each week, the FIH will choose one user-generated hockey video as the clip of the week to be featured on the FIH home page.

Visitors of the site can nominate their favorite clip by e-mailing the link to The FIH Communications and Marketing Department will choose each week the best video. The first clip is online right now – the original “Feeling 4 Shinty” video, performed by Shinty hockey club members.

FIH is one of the first International Sports Federations with its own You Tube section. Matches from the WorldHockey Champions Trophy in Rotterdam (June 2008) and the ABN AMRO WorldHockey Magazine are online at The final of the WorldHockey Champions Trophy has already been watched by more than 11’000 visitors to You Tube.

To see my Youtube round-ups from earlier this season, click here for part one and here for number two.

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