Advertising Feature: "Backcast Live" team analysis package

Fastest team video analysis package on the market, suitable for players, schools & coaches. Complete starter package €395- ex. delivery

In 1999, the Dutch ladies were still in desperate search of an illusive Olympic gold. Marc Lammers – Holland’s long-term coach – had been using the latest technological gadgets for some time.

That year, he controversially introduced video glasses, using them to watch video replays and then, used hand signals to his players to tell them which corners to take.After a while, competitors started to film him to decipher his coded sign language.

His reaction was to introduce wireless earphones to communicate the corners to the captain.He explains, now, though that he has found an even better technological innovation: the TimeWarp system that transmits a video signal from the video tower to a computer in his dugout.

The computer shows the matches with a 10-second delay enabling him to spot what went wrong and ask his substitutes on what they thought went wrong, helping him to react when they enter the pitch.

He says, “You can also save the clips… no other country uses this in the way we use it”. Video analysis also takes place after the game and the findings are integrated into their training sessions.

To register all the actions during the game, a ‘clicker’ is used to register all actions during the game. This can be done after or during the match. Players also benefit from watching specific video footage of themselves.

This innovation is not only valuable at top level but also for the youth where they can track player development and decide on specific coaching to assist their particular development.The third generation version of the product has been brought to Ireland for the first time and is available for €395.

This unique package includes the software, firewire cable and a specially programmed remote control to operate the software. This package is now available exclusively through ‘The Hook’. To find out more information on ordering, email Jan-Willem at , don’t forget to mention The Hook to be eligible for this offer

In short this package offers:
– Entry level for team sports (tactics and techniques).
– Simple to get started.
– Don’t need to be an expert to use.
– Coach can focus on game.
– Provides the coach and players with the facts.
– Instant replay feature is ideal for analysis during games.
– Proven for hockey- Marc Lammers – Coach to Dutch Olympic Gold uses it.

All you need is a MiniDV camera, computer and €500 budget for the rest. Despite the low cost, this system provides the fastest way to analyse sport. Basic system saves and sorts ten different categories of action.

Buy the system through Jan Willem and he will provide exclusive hardware and tips and tricks to get the most from it. He will show you how flexible system is and how you can intergrate it in your training sessions.

By purchasing a licence through Jan Willem, you get access to hardware upgrades (e.g. wireless systems) and get expert advice how to use. All in all provides great technical support to coaches, players and schools

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