EHL final: Iain Lewers' viewpoint

After the EHL final, I spoke briefly about his involvement with HGC and how he felt they did on the day:

“We started with a game plan and we kept to it pretty much and played well, too. Especially when we went down to 10 men for most of the third quarter and we thought it was going to be our day.

“We always knew we would get a chance, we got one [in the last minute]. Sometimes they go for you and sometimes they don’t. Today, it didn’t but you have to live with it but that’s sport.”

Lewers started the game at centre-midfield and was one of the driving forces in the game. A measure of his influence was that his opposite number Moritz Furste – named as the EHL’s MVP – did not get a touch in the game while he was dynamic going forward.

Looking back on the season, Lewers felt joining the Dutch club has been a tremendous aid to his hockey and the club has definitely appreciated him with a contract for next season already on the table.

“Its definitely improved since [the European Championships in] Manchester . It took us a wee while as a team tpo get together. By the first round of the EHL in mid-October, we really began to gel together and I reaped the benefits of that in a good team, playing with some world class players and oppositions.”

It will be a very different hockey scene should he return to Annadale as well-wishers and supporters mobbed Iain on his departure from the pitch.

Asked about how he will manage if he were to return home, he adds “sure, I was grand before all this, I should be grand after.”

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