Schools Update

The schools cups are reaching the business end right about now with St Andrews fighting for the four major titles – the boys and girls junior and senior cups.

The big match sees Wesley face St Andrews in the Senior semi-final after the half-term break while Andrews juniors were in action today against Sutton Park in the quarters.

On the girls side, Alex play Mount Anville in the semis while earlier this week, Andrews beat High School 2-0 to earn their place in the last four against Loreto, Beaufort.

In the Juniors, Andrews won the League last week with a 3-0 win over Beaufort, Chloe Watkins, Gillian Pinder and Harriet Kinson with the goals. They followed this up with a win over Muckross in the quarter finals while Beaufort looked set to be there too – they were 2-0 up against Our Lady’s abaout half an hour ago.

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